Thursday, June 12, 2014

shall we continue?

Good news, team. This is the last post before the wedding/honeymoon/Oklahoma posts can start! I'm kind of stoked about that because I really want to show you our wedding pics.

Why do I want to show you our wedding pics so much?

a) our photographer Lindsey Orton is amazing
b) she makes us look super good
c) it was the best day of my life
d) all of the above.

Obvi the answer is d. But seriously. I'm stoked. Anyway, let's get this final leg of the pre-wedding update started!

I know I keep saying this, but this picture is another one of my very favorites. This was the day of the Rugby National Championship game and BYU won!!! It was a great game, and the team beat Cal Berkeley's team quite soundly. This was the third year in a row that BYU has won the national championship and I love it. And I love that Levi played rugby. I feel like a broken record, but I am seriously so very proud of him for surviving a very long rugby season. Rugby is a real cool sport, but it's tough on the body and takes a lot of time. I am always so astounded by how great Levi was even during the season when he would have practice every single day for 2+ hours, including a 6 am Saturday morning practice. I loved watching him play, loved when he was being a captain for some of the scrimmages/games, and yes, I even loved when he would smash into other guys even though it stressed me out. His determination and perseverance even through the tough times during the season are something that I really admire in him and I love him all the more for it.

This next picture is from a time when we were at Levi's parents' house and Levi and his siblings were playing different songs for their parents and grandparents who were in town from New Zealand for graduation and the wedding. The thing is, Levi is really good at the guitar and the piano and it's pretty neat. Except that for some reason he has not made it a priority to learn all Taylor Swift songs. I don't get it.

This picture is from when Rachel was in town for the week leading up to the wedding. Her and some of my other roommates came over for dinner one night. Rach got there a little early which meant that her little boy Kenny got to explore all of my stuff because I was in the process of moving out. While me and Rach were talking, Levi took on a little babysitting and looked super cute with this little guy. I love both of these guys very, very much.

This picture is from when my sister came home from her mission three days before our wedding! It was the greatest blessing to have her there for the best day of my life, but it was also really great to welcome her home after her great service to the people of the Dominican Republic! We are so very proud of her, but we are so so very happy to have her home!

This pictures kills me. Some of the presents for our wedding were sent straight to my parents' house. When I was there, I opened a few of them up and this was one of them. A huge box with tons of that bubble wrap kind of stuff and then...two towels. And then I found out that it was from Anne, one of my very best friends that I've known since middle school. I was thinking, Anne totally would send me just two little towels as a joke. They're super cute towels, but it was just really funny to me. Then I read the shipping information and saw that the rest of the gift had been back ordered and then it made a lot more sense. Still, I found it amusing.

And then this last picture is of Danielle and I on the day before we left for Oklahoma. Of course, we went to Hokulia for a sno cone. It was really fun to spend some time with her before we had to leave our little Provo. It's been really fun to have her and Dillon to hang out with. They're some of our best friends and our favorite other couple in Provo. I'm glad we had them to have dinner with, watch basketball with, and to go to the freezing ice castles with, multiple intramural games, food truck roundups, and of course, Hokulia. Also, I can always count on Danielle to surprise me with a donut. It's really the greatest friendship. Miss them a lot.

And that, my friends, is the final post to catch us up to the wedding. And I'm really quite impressed with myself for posting three days in a row. I do believe I deserve a pat on the back. Also do I deserve a donut? Levi? Maybe? Jokes, if anyone deserves a donut, it's Levi. And he deserves one million donuts because he has been working so hard with Teach for America for the past two weeks. This week was his first week in the classroom and he's doing awesome with the little first graders. He is easily one of the best teachers/public speakers that I've ever met and I know he has excellent classroom management and that he will continue to do great even though it can be so very tiring. Thank goodness our weekend starts tomorrow! Yay!

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