Tuesday, June 17, 2014

important things to be aware of now that I'm in oklahoma and you're really starting to miss me.

(I know I promised wedding pictures, so I've given you this sample because I am a liar. I chose this picture because...Rachel. And Keish. I mean. Also, I just love the fact that my two lovely pregnant friends on the ends have since had their babies!)

There are a few things you should know:

1. I'm just not sure if curly hair is going to work out around here. The thing is, I'm trying to make curly hair a more regular thing these days. I was hoping that maybe because it's more humid out here, my hair would get curlier and look awesome. So far, I think it is getting curlier (even though I thought the ends would look nast-ayyyy because I seriously need a haircut), but I'm not sure if it's getting more awesome. When you think of the word Oklahoma, what do you think of? Yes, that's right. "Oooooooklahoma, where the winds comes sweeping down the plains!" Exactly. Key word here would be WINDS. It's always windy here. And I mean, I don't hate it as long as my hair is in any configuration other than that of natural curls. Mostly it just makes my hair turn into how it looks in a funny movie when someone walks into a building and then dynamite goes off and then they walk out and their hair is cray. Do you know what I mean? I just spent ten minutes trying to google that, but apparently googling "crazy hair in the movies after an explosion" doesn't bring up that many good results. Alas, I will continue to try in the curly hair department, if only for my dad's sake. He really likes my curly hair.

2. I made a major housewife boo-boo the other day. When we first came into town, we needed to go to the store to buy a few essential items for survival, i.e. garbage bags, hand soap, toilet paper, and like a gallon of peanut butter which should be just enough for the seven weeks we are here. You see, we're in this summer training program for Teach For America (and by we I mean Levi). As such, Levi gets to eat in the cafeteria and I fend for myself. Which is totally fine because I have this weird ability to eat spaghetti night after night after night as long as it has that nasty grated Kraft parmesan cheese that my dad always called "stinky cheese". And I'm totally not kidding about how much spaghetti I can eat. I'm going to eat it for dinner tonight even though I've had it at least five times in the last week. Anyway, back to my domestic disaster. We went to get those essentials and I found an excellent deal on toilet paper. Twenty rolls for a still of a dill! Sadly, we came home and I pulled out the first roll and realized it was one-ply. And not only is it one-ply, but it's also that super crappy one-ply stuff that is only used in public bathrooms and amusement parks. Now every time I go, I feel like I'm at a rest stop in the middle of Nevada.

3. Sometimes I'll blog and then post about it on facebook. Actually, I always post about it on facebook, who are we kidding? Anyway, sometimes at night I'll just be sitting next to Levi and he'll quickly be checking his facebook. He'll be scrolling through stuff, looking at the occasional meme or liking someone's status and I'll see him scroll past my blog post. I try to be casual and not offended that he just whizzed on by a really meaningful and well thought out post by his lovely wife, but before I even have a chance to do anything, he'll say with a smile, "Don't worry, I already read it. Don't start accusing me of not reading your blog." It's totally unfair how well he knows me.

4. Blueberries. Turns out I really like them. I mean, like really like them. I always knew I liked them, of course. I'm that girl who holds up the line at a BBQ because I'm trying to maximize the number of blueberries and bananas I can pick out of a fruit salad while also avoiding the mandarin oranges without making it too obvious. But now that I just make meals for one (hence the spaghetti day after day), I am now buying things without realizing that I'm mostly going to be eating them alone. I clearly must have forgotten that when I bought the 24 oz container of blueberries. Guys, the normal container you get is 4.4 oz. Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but Levi is trying to be super nice and not eat my food because he can eat in the cafeteria for free. So here I am now, pounding blueberries like it's my job. The other problem is that I have an irrational fear of mold. It's a little out of control. The second I spot even the slightest hint of mold on even one blueberry, it's over for me. I just can't do it anymore. All of the blueberries become contaminated in my mind and I can't even look at them without gagging. Seriously, I'm forever a five year old when it comes to mold. Be grateful you didn't have to see me in my youth when I was assigned to clean the toilets or take out the trash. I think it would be fair to file those experiences under the "Gag-apalooza" category.

5. On that note, I'm totally paranoid about using food past it's expiration date. I mean, I can handle cereal and crackers and the occasional bag of chips, but anything dairy is 100% off-limits. I'm sure we've been over this before, but milk is the most dangerous thing to me. I'm totally afraid of drinking spoiled milk, but I'm even more afraid of smelling it to see if it's bad. Like I said before, forever the five year old. I used to refuse to drink milk if I'd had it for more than ten days even though the expiration date was another five days away. I've matured over the years and I can now drink it until the expiration date, but I will not go beyond that. Again, the problem of not having Levi to share all my food.

6. Ever since we moved here, I've been kicking myself for not getting one of those Brigham Young University Alumni license plate frames. I just love them so much, especially since we're not in Utah. Those license plates are always guaranteed to get you a few drive by honks from a crazy guy in a BYU shirt or a lady excitedly pointing to her CTR ring, trying to get you to understand her code that she's LDS/Mormon, too! It's totally awesome. I'm not exactly sure where Levi stands on the whole license plate frame issue, especially since the car is technically his, but do you think he would notice if I put one on there without him noticing the next time we're in Utah? Actually scratch that. I feel like a screwdriver or something would be required, and the screwdriver is outside the range of tools I can handle, so I would probably have to ask for his help anyway. Surprise ruined. (Okay, jokes guys. I know how to use a screwdriver. Calm down.)

7. Most of our wedding gifts are still in CA or UT because we couldn't fit it all in our little car for our drive out here. My parents are so kindly driving all our stuff out here for us next month when we're done with summer training and into our new apartment. Since we're only here for seven weeks, I'm being a weirdo and I refuse to use any of my new stuff. In fact, I didn't bring any of it. I don't know, I probably should have thought that one through a little better. So now to make my meals I have one pot, one strainer, three plastic spoons, and two measuring cups. It's not easy, I'll have you know. I can't wait until we have all our stuff. I swear I'm going to kiss all of it.

8. Other than that, I'm loving it out here. I recently found Target, so obviously life is good. Also, I have taken it upon myself to buy Levi new work clothes. Turns out I really like shopping for other people and then having them tell me I'm good at shopping for them. It's the craziest thing. But hey! If you're every headed through Oklahoma, we'd be glad to have you stay with us (that is, if we get approved for the apartment we applied for!). We'll take you to and OKC Thunder game or to an OU football game or to the largest McDonald's in the world (don't worry, that one is already on Levi's to-do list). Plus, I found a website that supposedly lists 101 things to do in Oklahoma City, so trust me, I can keep you entertained.


Unknown said...

What about the courier for all the gifts? Do they get a least a hug before you start kissing all that they deliver to you?? Just curious:)! A true question of who...or what...do you love most in that moment when they arrive!

Mom said...

Yeah, well, that last comment was from me. Jacob's account somehow trumped mine:(!

Shannon Mashinchi said...

OK...So Stacy...I used to read your blog ALL THE TIME and then life got crazy and I quit reading everyone's blog...as a matter of fact, I quit writing, I just wallowed. Anyway, I am back on the bandwagon and I found your blog again, cuz I loved it so much before and NOW YOU ARE MARRIED!!! I have soooooo much to catch up on! Congratulations! I'll be catching up now. Talk to you later...(well, not talk, but you know what I mean!) ~Shannon (www.theothersideoftheequation.com)