Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I think this post starts mid-april.

It is now time for another installment on the update about my life.

This first picture is one of my all-time favs. This picture was taken in the middle of our bridals in Salt Lake City. We had taken some of the pictures around Temple Square and we were headed to Memory Grove. Not a joke, people, Memory Grove and Temple Square are gorgeous. It really is. It was so awesome to take our pictures up there. I just love this picture because the day of our bridals also marked one year of dating for us. And I just love Levi so one million much. And to be fair, it was actually one day after the year mark, but I had been out of town for the weekend, so basically it didn't count. Anyway, I love this picture. We were so so so very happy and we still are so so so very happy and it was just a great day.

For those of you who are getting married, start those invitations way early. You never know how long the dang printing company is going to take. I'll spare you the details, but I will tell you that the company kept telling us over and over that it would take another day to get the invitations printed because their printer kept jamming. What was really happening was that yes, the printer was jamming, but they would take like twelve hours before they would go unjam it which is why it was taking one million years. Levi decided to take matters into his own hands and go over to the printing place and sit and watch the printer so that if it ever jammed, the employees would fix it immediately. With Levi there, the job was finished in two hours. Hmm, crazy. I know that sounds kind of rude, but seriously. It was taking waaaaaay longer than it ever should have. Also it's kind of hilarious because I'm sure the workers were very confused as to why there was a strange man sitting in the lobby stuffing invitations while watching a printer.

Anyway, I tell that story because we were on a time crunch and so that same nightwe stuffed ALL 600+ invitations and put them in the mail. Turns out we accidentally stamped like thirty more invitations than we should have, so I took matters into my own hands (pun totally intended) and removed the stamps from all the extras and put them on my thank you card envelopes. #winning

This, my friends, is the Fun Friday Club. And while the name implies that we would do something fun on Fridays only, the truth is that we actually did something fun basically every day. This was my lunch bunch every day during the school year. It was seriously SOOOO fun to have lunch with these guys. Everyone shares their food, Catie uses Katie's Cougareat discount card, we sit near Levi's mom's picture in the Wilk, everyone except me talks about their mission, everyone gets dating advice, Kelsey goes on the most dates, and a good time is had by all. I LOVED having lunch with them. Always a highlight of the day. Also, if you get a chance, watch the music video "My Way is My Decision" by olympian Tina Maze. In the words of our favorite Slovenia-loving friend/returned missionary, Tina "won the olympics." So she deserves a little respect.

This picture is another one of my very very most favorites. This picture is from Levi's graduation! I was so proud of him. Seriously. I know some people think the whole thing is silly and that's fine, but I love it. I love seeing him in his cap and gown and I was so so proud of him for everything that he had accomplished. He had survived college and rugby and working and was still such an all-star fiance. It also got me really excited for the future we had ahead of ourselves. Plus, yes. My hair looked awesome on this day.

So, this picture. Have we all seen the movie Frozen? Well Levi and I love that movie and love to quote it ("You-hoo! Big summer blowout!"). Also, Levi thinks the character Anna is just like me. Which, for the most part, I'm okay with. Except I definitely didn't fall in love with Levi in one day. Just sayin'. But anyway, you know that part where it's Elsa's coronation and Anna wakes up late and has the craziest hair? See this picture. Well whenever I wake up from a nap or when I wake up in the morning and my hurr is a little cray cray, Levi always says, "Good morning, Anna." Plus, I have a terrible grumpy morning face when I'm not ready to be awake yet.

Next up, back when we lived in Provo (so many moons ago! actually, not even one moon.) we would go to Levi's parent's house for dinner every Sunday, which was always really great. This is a picture of Levi in a food coma like 20 minutes after dinner. The thing is, he's a party animal, that Levi. Nothing will stop him from partying all day and all night. Also, I think a really important detail to make you aware of is the fact that we are wearing matching shirts. Unintentionally wearing matching shirts is one of my top ten favorite things to do with Levi. It's a bummer because it's definitely in his top ten LEAST favorite things to do with me. Oh well.

Art City Donuts, you guys. The food truck business is all the rage in Provo right now so if you're there, you really really really really really need to check it out and you reeeeeeally need to try these donuts. I'm basically a donut connoisseur and Art City Donuts are the most magical thing. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them. Try the Blueberry Crumble--it will change your life!

For Levi's graduation, my mom gave me some money to buy Levi a gift and I knew exactly what to get him. Since we were moving to Oklahoma, Levi has become a huge OKC Thunder fan. He's so happy to have a team that won't break his heart every year like the Utah Jazz do (And trust me, I've heard about his broken childhood heart multiple times. Let's just say he didn't love Michael Jordan and the Bulls very much. But now the Bulls have Jimmer, so his heart is softening. Except the Bulls still have Joakim "Joa-gross" Noah, so unfortunately, my heart is still rock hard.) ANYWAY, I really like the Thunder, too and obvi we love Kevin Durant so the obvious gift choice was to combine my mother's funds with a little of my own and get Levi a KD jersey. He was SOOOOOO stoked to get it and I was SOOOOO stoked that I kept the gift a secret for an 5 whole days, which is a personal record.  Also, that night I made enchiladas, which is his favorite meal. Man, I'm good.

Sidenote: Levi literally JUST texted me and told me that in the summer school class that he is teaching right now there is a child with KD shoes. He plans to steal them. I totally support him.

And that concludes the next chapter in updating you on our life. I think this officially gets us to the end of April. You're welcome.


Mom said...

Another great post! Keep them coming:)!

Courtney said...

You're so funny. Congrats on being happy and married and all that jazz! woot woot! Oh and go Oklahoma. If I ever find myself in the area, I will stop on by.