Monday, June 23, 2014

day at the zoo!

We live in Oklahoma. I like Oklahoma. It has come to our attention that now that we live in Oklahoma, we must find all the fun and exciting things to do around here. This weekend, we got all kinds of wild.

To start the weekend off right, we got Panda Express late at night and then ate it while sitting on the bed and watching Gilmore Girls. Yes, Levi and I both watch Gilmore Girls. And it's totes def probs one of my favorite things ever that he doesn't hate the show. The one thing about Gilmore Girls though is that they are ALWAYS eating food. And if they're not eating food, they're in the kitchen at the inn which has ONE MILLION food. And every time we watch it, it makes us hungry. And a little sad. Because we're so hungry. But we've already brushed our teeth. And so Friday night we decided to stick it to the Gilmore Girls with a little Panda in bed and then we weren't even jealous. Take that!

Anyway, I just really wanted to include that paragraph before I talked about the main event of the weekend. The Zoo! I would now like to publicly announce that I do not work for the zoo and I'm not being paid to say this, but it was an amaaaaaazing zoo! They had tons of animals! And 95% of them were out playing around and weren't back in their caves or anything! Aaaaaand the zoo wasn't even crowded! On a Saturday! In the summer! It was incredible! And to add to the amazing-ness of it all, it was only $8! What?! That's right, folks. Only eight dolla. Still of a dill if there ever was one.

It was so super fun and Levi really likes zoos and so he was super stoked and I really loved it too and it was just fantastic. Also, it seemed like the appropriate activity to make a video about. And since I'm the very most talented videographer, I made the video below. Sorry it's sort of long I guess, but it was really fun and there were so many animals and I had a hard time cutting any of them out, but I did it. You're welcome. Please enjoy.

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Lena said...

I am way impressed with that zoo video. I thought you were just going to show us a video of animals at the zoo. I had no idea (even though I should have known better) that it would be fully edited and set to music. Loved it! Glad you guys are settling into life i Oklahoma well.