Wednesday, June 25, 2014

wedding! part 1 of probably 3, but maybe 4.

Our wedding day was the best day ever. It was the happiest day of my life and I got to be with so many friends and family! And most importantly, I am so so happy to be sealed to Levi for forever!

In an attempt to not bore you to tears, I went through our wedding pictures and tried to pick out a few favorites to post on the blog. Unfortunately, I failed miserably. Like I would get an F in picture selection because I just can't narrow it down. If it wouldn't be the silliest thing ever, I would post all 700+ of them. But I will spare you. Instead, I'll break this up into multiple posts.

Before I get to the pictures, there are so many people to be thanked! Obviously so many of my friends and family were lifesavers in helping with the planning, the details, the set up, and being there to support and help wherever they could. I am so grateful for them!

As far as the wedding details, I want to give specific thank you's to the following:

Photography: Lindsey Orton Photography. Most amazing photographer ever, you guys! She made all my photography dreams come true! Plus, she's so super fun and funny, as in she's really fun to just hang out with.
Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Steph. Steph is unbelievable! She could do any hair or makeup style you want and if you're kind of clueless (i.e. me), then she helps you to make beautiful choices! (Also, I just looked at her website and it looks like I booked her before her prices went up, but she is still totally worth it!)
Wedding Dress: Debbie Camp. I could go on for days with how amazing Debbie is. She can look at any picture and then make you an identical dress if you want. She is also happy to combine different ideas you might have to give you the most perfect dress that is perfectly fitted to your body. Having Debbie make my dress was definitely one of the best choices I made (and she was such a life saver, since other dress options were not working out for me! Guys, she made my dress in like three weeks!). If you want her email address, please let me know!! (Even if I've never met you, I'm not kidding!)
Levi's Suit: Mr. Mac. I mean, duh.
Groomsmen and Family Ties: Solid Color Neckties. Still of a dill!
Videography: Dillon Manwaring--he's one of my best friend's husband, but he does video stuff for a living, so he's for reals talented. The wedding video will be coming soon, that is if I ever pick a song. Sorry, Dillon! Please let me know if you want his contact information or if you're just interested in having a picture of him. I'm sure he could scrounge up a picture of him in a care bear outfit or an Abe Lincoln costume, and I'm totally not kidding about that.
Reception Center: Bella Vista. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this place is. Just take a look at their website and you will be amazed by how much they can offer you for an INCREDIBLE price. Plus, they are the most helpful people ever and are so super nice as well.
Flowers: Jill Kramer. Jill actually works for Bella Vista so it was kind of the most perfect situation. Also, let me tell you--her prices are amazing. Too many flower places require a minimum order of absurd amounts but Jill is seriously the perfect choice for anyone. She can do big, small, and anywhere in between! Again, I have her contact information (or you could contact her through Bella Vista).
Decorations: Basically these were all done by my family, but mostly my sister-in-law Mykel. If you live in the LA area, this is the girl to help you with your party planning ideas! Also, one of my best friends Anne basically made the decorations adorable and perfect and so crafty looking at the reception.
Catering: Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake. Lizzy is a good friend of ours and also an amazing baketress! She has multiple cookbooks and an awesome blog. At the very least, you should check out her blog for delicious recipes that you can make yourself!
And now I really hope I'm not forgetting anyone because that would be so embarrassing. But if I remember anyone else, I'll be sure to add them!

And now, pictures from the temple! (family and friend pics from the temple coming soon!)

with our amazing photographer, lindsey! she's the B-E-S-T best.


Brooke said...

You guys are the CA-UTEST!!!!! Seriously I'm obsessing over all of these. Congrats! Marriage is for reals the best.

Unknown said...

Woooowwwww...these are beautiful. You two are beautiful.

Shannon Mashinchi said... pictures are the best and you look amazingly happy...From the blog-o-sphere...I am soooooo happy for you!