Tuesday, March 4, 2014

and so the saga continues.

Photo cred: the AMAZING Lindsey Orton!

This Saga: Part 1 | Part 2

After that terrible ending to our first date, I thought I might have blown it. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next. I mean, after the date we had zero contact for two days. And I guess that isn't really that long, but to me it was waaaaaaay tooooo long (To clarify, it's not like I'm super needy and attention deprived after being left alone for five minutes, alright?...okay, actually I am. #highmaintenance4life) I was all kinds of confused. Did he like me? Was he going to ask me out again? I just didn't know. So I spent approximately the ENTIRE weekend wondering about what was going to happen next or if anything was going to happen next at all. So that was neat. But seriously. I could not understand why he didn't text me that whole time. He'll probably say something about how he was up in a cabin the whole weekend and had bad reception and blah blah blah but really he was just up at a cabin with other girls and I was at home over-thinking things. That's all there is to it really.

He came back on Sunday. I decided I couldn't wait any longer for him to text me and I would just text him. I hate that I was always the one to text him in the beginning. Made me feel kind of desperate, which I WASN'T (#justhighmaintenance). I just wanted him to hang out with me. I just really liked him. Anyway, I texted him. I asked him if he was coming to a dessert night that was being held by some of our friends. He wasn't planning on it, but when he got my text he decided to come. Which was obviously the right choice, am I right? I still remember exactly where I was sitting when he walked in. Conveniently there was an open spot next to me so he came and sat right next to me. We talked for at least an hour. I was stoked.

Apparently the terribly awkward and unfortunate hug hadn't completely scared him away.

The next day was FHE again. I saw him there. We talked some more. The next day was Tuesday. For some reason he brought up the fact that he was in a church movie where he sinned. Obviously I needed to see it so I demanded that he come over. It's hilarious by the way and you should all take the time to watch it HERE (1:51--Levi's hair. 1:54--Levi smirking. 2:15--Levi's arm grabbing FOOD! 2:38 (my fav--Levi doing exactly what they told him not to ("pretend to be talking but don't do things like recite the alphabet!") and saying "H I J K" and then 2:45-- "Q R S". 3:00--Levi making a very 'Levi' face and nibbling on chicken. 3:15--Levi drinking from a goblet and then doing that toasting thing with his friend.) It's from when he was like 15 and I DIE every time I watch it. I'm so obsessed.

The next day was Wednesday. I don't remember what happened on Wednesday but I'm pretty sure he came over. Oh wait, I remember! On Wednesday he asked me if I wanted Jamba Juice because his dad gave him a free Jamba Juice card so obvi I said yes and he brought me a jamba juice. Then that same evening he came to bowling league with me and Dillon and Danielle which was obviously super romantic but mostly he got to see how good I am at bowling haha. The next day was Thursday. He came over again. And then he asked me out again for Friday. Except he made it kind of sound like it wasn't a date because he was like, "So do you have plans for dinner tomorrow because if not we should go get something to eat after I finish this rugby thing." So to dinner we went. And then we came back and he told me more about jellyfish and the loch ness monster and a million other things like that. I thought he was hilarious.

And then he held my hand.

I was so excited I could hardly contain it. I wanted him to hold my hand the whole night. Which was good because he did. Levi was super concerned because I kept readjusting my hand and touching his hand with my other hand and stuff. He though maybe I wasn't liking it, but mostly I was trying to avoid that terrible thing where your hands get sweaty and you both feel uncomfortable but you can't let go because then the other person will think you actually hate them and you can't risk something like that. You know.

The next day he played it cool when I saw him at a ward activity. Okay, fine. I played it cool, too. We casually talked like it was no big deal and we were just friends. But I knew things were changing. I mean, not only were we hanging out every day, but I was also getting infinitely better at hugging AND we were holding hands! Commitment levels were shooting through the roof! (jokes) So I knew something great was going to happen soon. I knew he liked me--I mean, he came over every day and wouldn't leave until midnight. I wanted us to be for reals dating. But in order to be for reals dating I needed him to do one more thing.

I needed him to kiss me.



Mrs. H said...

oh my goodness--i am loving this saga. I wish I had been there to experience it with you and go crazy when he held your hand! :)

Anonymous said...

this is great! Also, I just want to say, who was the stylist for this movie??? I guess I missed the memo about nephites having 80's rocker hair. My bad.

Sarah said...

I read your blog all the time female. And I LOVE it! I just laughed so hard while reading the post that I startled my son and made him cry. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

What?! Cliffhanger!

Does she kiss the guy? Do they end up dating? Do they get engaged? Does she come to South Carolina and visit the most AMAZING best friend ever?

I believe the answer to all of the above is yes.