Saturday, March 1, 2014

ANOTHER story about getting Levi to KEEP dating me.

Levi told me that he would pick me up for our first date on Friday at 5 pm, which might actually be the earliest I had ever been picked up to go on an evening date. If you know Levi, the reason he picked me up so early was because ain't nobody got time for crowds. He wanted to go bowling before everyone and their dog arrived, and he wanted to go to dinner after that before the dinner rush hit. So practical, that guy. I still remember that both of my roommates were out of town so at about 5 minutes to five, I went into my room and sat on my chair and waited. I remember that I wasn't too nervous because in all my previous interactions with Levi I had just had fun with him. I didn't really feel like I needed to impress him because I knew we would just have fun. (Plus, I knew he was going to be impressed. I mean, come on) A few minutes after five, Levi knocked on the door (which by the way, is probably the latest Levi has ever showed up for anything in his life). He was wearing a blue short sleeve nike shirt and "the most perfect shoes in the world" as he calls them. He looked hot. He always looks hot. Okay, that's enough.

I remember that he had parked around the back of the building and I thought that was strange. I assumed that was because he didn't want anyone to see us leave the building. If Levi were to read that sentence right now, he would probably say that he did it because he's a celebrity and he didn't want the paparazzi to find us. Anyway, we went bowling. I destroyed him. Okay, fine. He beat me in the first game. I beat him by so much more in the second game. But bowling with just two people goes by so fast! So I was a little sad! Maybe we'll just go to dinner and then he'll take me home! I'll be home from my date before 7! I couldn't have that!

At this point, we were pulling out of the parking lot to the bowling alley when Levi asked me if there was anywhere that I DIDN'T want to go to eat. Trying to be silly, I pointed at the closest restaurant and said, "Just don't take me to THAT one." It was Sushi Ya, and to be honest, I really didn't want to go there because I do not enjoy sushi. But then Levi said, "Awww. That's like my second home." I totally didn't believe him. "That place?! You're lying. It's just a little sushi place." Turns out he was totally being serious and that was where he would go to lunch with his dad alllllllllllllll the time. On our first date, I totally rejected his favorite restaurant. I felt sort of bad.

Now that I felt sufficiently foolish, we headed off to Cafe Rio. It probably wasn't even 6 pm yet. We got our food and Levi said we were going to take it to go. Obviously I assumed this was because he didn't want to be seen with me at Cafe Rio. We went to a park and ate our food, and then we headed back to my apartment. On the way home, I was trying to think up all the ways to get him to come into my apartment and hang out with me longer. Because you don't fall in love with someone if you only spend like an hour and a half with them. Everyone knows that. Except for Levi apparently. Sheesh.

And then I had an idea. Earlier that day I had been talking to my best friend Rachel about how I was going to go on a date with guy named Levi. She asked me to pull him up on Facebook, so I did and she immediately recognized him as a guy who worked in a different department of BYU admissions than she worked in. She remembered him as the funny guy at staff meetings.  And that was all I needed. As we were driving home from our date, I was like, "Oh, hey. Do you know my best friend Rachel? She worked in admissions? Oh, you're not sure? Hmm, oh! I have an idea! How about you come into my apartment and I can show you a picture of her. Then you'll probably want to stay and hang out with me forevvvvverrrrrr and that makes me the winner.

Turns out that the plan worked perfectly. He came into my apartment and we talked about Rachel for two seconds and then I think Levi mostly wanted to talk about how he plans to go and capture the Loch Ness monster and then train it and then take little children for rides on it. He also talked about giant jellyfish and weird sea creatures and bigfoot and the like. No, but seriously guys. That's what we talked about. And I just loved it. We probably talked about other stuff, but the jellyfish stuff is what sticks out in my mind. Weird, right? But I was really happy because this was easily one of the best first dates I had ever been on and I was so comfortable with him and I couldn't wait until we went on our next date because I mean, I'm no dating doctor, but I think it was pretty obvious that we were clicking so I was pretty sure there was going to be a second date and I was stoked.

Then after a few hours Levi had to leave. And of course, when a first date ends, the guy just leaves, right? Oh wait, no? Levi wants a hug? Oh crap, I'm at the completely wrong angle and I'm not sure if we're really going to hug. What is going on? Oh, here comes his arm. It's pulling me in! Crap! Am I leaning away from the hug? Oh my gosh, he's going to hug me and I'm giving him a weird half-hearted side hug because I don't know what is happening. Now my face is like in his armpit or something. This needs to end. This is terrible. Okay, thank you he's letting go. My face is probably bright red now because that was so embarrassing. Now I'm looking awkwardly past his shoulder as I say goodbye because that was weird and I'm terrible at first hugs or something. Except I didn't know I was so bad at them. Yikes, can he please leave because that was so bad. Okay, bye. I'm closing the door now.

I didn't see or hear from Levi for a solid two days. No texting, no seeing each other, no nothing. That hug must have been really bad.


Rachel said...

Hahaha oh my gosh I would pay money to see that first hug. I'm still laughing just thinking about it. It sounded awesome. Also, it appears as if I helped facilitate this dating/engagement/marriage. I think it is only fair that I should get your first child, Dimitri. (Yes, I just named your child. But do you see how I picked the name? Anastasia? Remember?) And guess what? 2.5 months! But I'm sure you are well aware of that.

jenbaum said...

Love it. Love the details, and your voice shines through and kept me reading!!

Unknown said...

In the first paragraph, instead of saying "Plus, I knew he was going to be impressed," you should've said, "Plus, I knew we were going to get married." It would have a whole different twist to the story.