Sunday, October 27, 2013

finding dealzzz.

I don't know why I want to blog about this, but for some reason I do.  Also, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who thinks it's so funny, but that's how about 95% of my life goes, so N even a BD.

The other day, Levi and I went to the football game. It was wonderful marvelous and BYU won, so what more could you ask for?  Also, the game was at 6 pm on a Friday night, which is totes def for rill rill the most ideal time in my opinion.  It's not so late that when it's over you have to go straight to bed and it's on a Friday so you most likely don't have to wake up early the next day (which, by the way, I don't even know why I mention that because I don't have to go to any church meetings until 10:45 but who are we kidding? That's still early to be thinking about meetings).  Anyway, the game was done by like 9:30 and so I told Levi that I wanted to watch a movie! He was fairly stoked because apparently if I'm the one who suggests watching a movie it implies that a great deal of effort will be made on my part to stay away for (at least) the majority of the movie.

I don't know what it is, but movies are a stuh-ruggle for me.  It's like sticking in a movie is code for "time to fall asleep now" for me.  I try really really hard, but I have to be really, really, reeeeeally invested in the movie to be able to make it through the whole thing.  Anyway, I suggested we watch a movie and so we did.  And it was pretty great. I'm fairly confident I saw at least 45 minutes of it, so we're going to put that one down as a win in my book.  Then after the movie, I was awoken from my slumber and was having a bit of light conversation with Levi. Then I think my roommate Michaelanne came home around then and we were just chatting like good friends do. You know. I was getting pretty tired and I think it was getting to the point where it was mostly just Levi and Michaelanne talking. It's embarrassing  Then I remembered that I had had a dream the night before and I supes wanted to tell Levi about it.

Me: Levi, I had such a crazy dream last night and I think Mykel's mom was in it.
Levi: Oh yeah? What was it about?
Me: I had a dream that Mykel's mom...found a really good deal on dogs in Utah.
Levi: Oh, that's very interesting.

Then all of a sudden I sort of snapped to attention and was like...

Me: What did I just say? WHAT did I just say? Levi, what did I just say?!!
Levi: You just told me about your dream...
Me: Yes, but what did I say? Like, what did I just tell you?
Levi: You told me that you had a dream that Mykel's mom found a really good deal on dogs in Utah.
Me: What the heck? That was not what I meant to say AT ALL. Why did I say that?  I meant to say that I had a dream that Mykel's mom found a really good deal on tickets to the football game.

At this point I started dying laughing because I seriously have no idea why I said that. I'm pretty sure that what happened was that I started telling Levi about my dream and halfway through my sentence I dozed off and was not fully conscious of what I was saying.  But I also think that a part of me heard myself say 'dog' and that's why I got confused and (not a joke) DEMANDED that Levi tell me what I had just said.  I seriously was dying of laughter after that which is fairly impressive consider 10 seconds before I was asleep in the middle of a sentence.  It was seriously the weirdest thing.

So yeah that's it. I just want to tell you my weird little dream story.  After I told it Levi was just like, "Okay, yes that nice. I think you're going crazy. Why don't you lie your head on me and just rest?" Which of course I gladly did. And promptly fell asleep. And then Levi had a 20 minute conversation with my roommate, like nbd.  Poor guy. Sometimes I'm the most boring. And also sometimes the strangest.

Also, the picture at the top is from when we went to Dick's Sporting Goods one time and they had all these mini tents and I seriously thought they were hilarious. Mostly unrelated, but just another reminder that very little is needed to entertain me.

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Janelle said...

I'm lol-ing at this. And also, you should make a smaller button so I can put it on my blog because I tried to put the one you have and it kept running into the words on my blog. But I really feel like a meanie because you totes have my button on your blog so, you know, I should really be reciprocating that. But mostly I wanted to comment because I think you're hilarious and I seriously miss being a cool soc lab kid with you.