Tuesday, November 26, 2013

selfies and our first kiss. it's getting a little wild over here.

Let's start things off right, shall we?  Look guys, I don't know what happened. I kid you not, I would come home from work almost every day with the intention of blogging.  And about half of those days I would even get on blogger and start a blog post. But apparently, I just wasn't having it.  And here we are, just a day short of the one month mark since I last blogged. You guys, I LOVE to blog.  It's just been the weirdest.  I don't even have any excuses, and so that's why I feel it's only fair that I start this post off with an absurd selfie of myself.  Because you see, I was going through my pictures today and I was like, gosh dang it, I'm going to post about something today!  So let's see what we have in the deep dark corners or my phone that I could blog about!  It turns out that I have like three pictures of things that are of any importance and the rest are just an unfortunate number of selfies that should be burned immediately (See above).  Okay, that's not true, although I'm sure you all pegged me as the selfie type.  But I mean, a girl's gotta send a picture of herself to someone when they dang freaking FINALLY restock the vending machine in the building I work in so I can have chocolate milk!  Which reminds me, WHY do they only restock that vending machine like once every 12 years?  I need to talk to Cecil (school president) about this.

Anyway, here's the other stuff that's going on.

This picture is quite strange because it's Levi sleeping on the couch while I make dinner.  And while I know about half of you are enraged that the woman in this relationship was slaving away in the kitchen while the man sleeps on the couch, I should probably step in right now and correct you.  You see, 99 times out of 100, this picture would be of me sleeping on the couch. Not a joke, something is wrong with me.  I fall asleep ALL the time. It's such a joke.  And it's so sad because then Levi is just left sitting on the couch. I'm working on it. Oh, and for the record, when I make dinner, Levi does the dishes, so don't worry. He's not lazy. He's actually just the best.

So, this is embarrassing. Katie Cutler is one of the greatest people, but sometimes she gets wild ideas.  And by wild ideas I mean the girl will do anything for free food/free treats/free anything.  So when she found out that the open major fair was going on, she was all over it and convinced me to go with her during my lunch break.  So yes, the BYU graduate attended the open major fair intended for freshman and collected a ridiculous amount of candy. No, but really.  Also, I really should have majored in Scandinavian Studies. What was I thinking?

Levi and I recently had our first kiss.  And by first kiss, I mean we had our first kiss as penguin and panda.  For our ward Halloween party (ugh, I'm so behind on blogging!) I was a penguin and Levi was a panda. Now, I'm sure you can see how I am a penguin (isn't it kind of the creepiest?), but you may be wondering about Levi's panda costume.  Am I right? Well, look at his wrist.  It's one of those snap bracelets with a panda on it!  How could you miss that?!  Anyway, the penguin and her friend the unicorn (i.e. Danielle) really tore it up on the Halloween dance floor that night, I'll tell you what.  And then I got to kiss a panda. Talk about a dream come true.

"It ain't Sunday unless your pants are tucked into your socks, am I right?"-Levi. That guy, sometimes. ID even K.

We've been going to the temple lately with Tom and it's been great.  In related news, Tom usually comes and eats dinner back at my apartment with us, and he's been eating an abnormally large amount of vegatables. That's code for TOM HAS BEEN EATING VEGETABLES. Someone alert the authorities because this has never been seen before!  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's leaving on his mission to Orlando in just over a month and he might have to eat things scarier than carrots and lettuce and he's just trying to prepare himself.

One time I walked into the second floor of the Wilk (more commonly known as the Hall of Indian Princesses) for my lunch break and right when I opened the door there stood Levi!  In his work clothes!  With a DONUT!  It was the most exciting thing because I never see him at lunch because that's when he has work, but apparently he and a coworker were chasing the world's largest cougar tail (aka a super long maple bar) and that warranted being able to use the golf carts intended for giving tours to race over to the Wilk and get a donut.  It was so great to see him.  Also, Levi with a tucked in shirt and his khaki pants. YOU GUYS. I can't even.

Good news: Levi and I have reached the Saturday night book club level of dating and it's the best.  The other night we seriously just came home and read for a couple hours.  And then on Sunday we read, too!  And then on Monday, we were having book club as well but then it turned into Levi having book club and Stacy passed out on the couch club.  Dang it.

On Sunday, I stole Levi's glasses.

Me: Levi, do I look like a teacher when I wear your glasses?
Levi: Yes, but I can't kiss the teacher, so this is no good at all.

Related: I think I could do glasses.  Levi says I can't have fake glasses though because glasses are such a pain and he thinks it's silly.  But I think he's silly and I want glasses!  Oh well, I'll just have to live with no glasses and really good sight for the rest of my life! (Jokes). Also, I'm probs going to end up with glasses one day and then I'll wish I had never wished for them.

Also, slightly related and just a little bit embarrassing:  The shirt, cardigan, and scarf featured in the above picture were also worn to work on Friday, just two days before.  And then the skirt I was wearing to church is also the skirt I wore for half of yesterday and then also today. And you're like, you wore it for only half of yesterday?  And I say yes, because I wore this other skirt to work but that skirt was a little tight and so then I didn't want to wear it after work but I didn't want to go to all the effort of taking off my tights so I just picked out a different and more comfortable skirt. My fashion sense is just through the roof these days, let me tell you.

Well folks. That wraps ups the last eternity of my life.  Sorry to be lame like that. But the holidays are coming!  Yee!

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I believe photo credit is due on the pants tucked into the socks.