Tuesday, October 22, 2013

mission calls, rugby, taylor swift, and the like.

We have exciting news to report around here and it starts with the fact that my little brother got his mission call!!  We are all so very excited for him.  He is going to be going to the Orlando, Florida mission and he leaves January 1!  It's so crazy because everyone else he knows that has been getting their mission call in the past few weeks are leaving in February or March, but January!  That's so much sooner! I'm so super proud of him and he is going to be such an amazing missionary!  It's so crazy that my little sister AND my little brother are both going to be on missions at the same time.  I especially can't believe that he is even old enough to be going on a mission.  And also, when did he get so much taller than me?  That's really what I want to know.  Anyway, I'm proud of him and I'll miss him and how hilarious he is (see photo below), but I know he'll be doing great things and I'll be supporting him 100%.

In other news, rugby has started. Have I already mentioned that?  Well, it has.  And scrimmages have started.  Can we talk about how I suddenly have a new level of respect for mothers of athletes? Because seriously, I do.  I've watched many football games and never thought twice about them hitting each other, but then when I go watch Levi play rugby, I'm like, um excuse me?  This is like football except that you're not wearing any pads. And you're hitting people. CONSTANTLY.  It's stressful.  Levi has relieved some of my fears by reminding me that you hit people differently in rugby and so it's okay, but a part of me is still like, please don't die!  I'll miss you!  Also, sometimes he comes back from practice and I'm like, were you at practice or were you actually in a dark alley at the Cat Fight Club Meeting because you have scratches everywhere!  I remember last winter when he would have bruises all over his face and popped blood vessels in his eyes and I just want to say again.  This is a little stressful for me.  Also, I would like to just say for the record that all injuries come from rugby.  Trust me, I don't scratch him, thank you very much. So don't get any ideas.

But really, I'm super proud of him because might I remind you that rugby takes a LOT of time and effort and especially energy and then he comes over and still spends as much time as he can with me and also makes an extra effort to be super nice to me and do the dishes and a million other favors for me even when he's the one who is super tired and has school AND work AND rugby and I only have work.  He's a real gem.

I mean, I went and met him to watch devotional with him today and at the end he was like, oh yeah! I totally forgot to tell you that I saw on Twitter that Taylor Swift came out with a new single. And then he proceeded to pull it up so we could listen to it because dude knows I'm in love with Taylor Swift.  And while she might not be his favorite, he knows that she's my favorite and therefore makes me aware of all things Taylor Swift.  He's a good one, that Levi.

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Anonymous said...

I have so much I want to say about this! First, I love that pic where Tom has the piece of paper over you face. It's a great look for you. Second, that would be super stressful to watch Levi play rugby. No pads gah. So crazy. Also, thanks for blogging about T-Swift's new song because I had no idea! And I love it!