Thursday, September 12, 2013

the day I had better seats than members of the first presidency. I mean, I'm just sayin'.

Guess what, foolios?  Football season has begun!

On Saturday morning, I woke up with an uncomfortable feeling in my throat.  As in, the beginnings of a sore throat.  Ugh, you guys. Sore throats. Why?  Why do they even need to exist?  The thing about sore throats is that it's not a visible ailment, but it's actually like the worst.  It hurts on the inside and I don't want to talk about it and actually I just don't want to talk at all.  And then the usual aftermath (or currentmath? is that a thing?) is that I get a terrible cough and then a runny nose and then pressure builds up in my head and my ears and everything is terrible and my head explodes.

Okay, well maybe not.  The head exploding part, that is.  But the rest, ugh. It's the pits.  Anyway, what I wanted to say is that it all began on Saturday and here I am today on a Thursday and the sore throat lives on! And the coughing continues! And the runny nose runs! Mostly I'm just sick of it (no pun intended).

But back to Saturday.  In the morning I had a training meeting that I needed to attend (free breakfast! woo!) and then after that we went to the bookstore to buy football shirts!  The bookstore is selling these royal blue shirts this year in addition to the dark navy-ish blue ones and I decided to go big (and not go home--get it?) and buy the more expensive royal blue one, because you know, I'm rich and stuff. Okay, no. I got it mostly because if you're at BYU long enough, you end up with approximately one million navy blue shirts that you don't know what to do with and then they end up getting crammed into one little drawer and you want to wear them all but the three on top are the most convenient so then some of the other ones get lonely and rarely worn in the bottom back corner of the drawer.  You know how it is.

Anyway, with my BYU employee discount and a variety of other discounts that I have obtained by dating Levi, I got the shirt for a STILL OF A DILL. Also, Levi got one, too.  And you know what that means....TWIN DAYYYYY for DAYYYZZZZZ.  Ha, he hates it. And obviously I love it.

So then we went back to my apartment, made asian chicken salad (we're cultured like that) and then Levi was getting so super mega one million excited to head to the game which was set to start at 5 pm.  You see, we had ticketed seats (another perk to dating Levi, let me tell you.), which meant we could show up five minutes before the game and not even worry about all the best seats being taken (the story of the student all-sport pass. oy.)  But we're talking about Levi here and kid loves football.  And I love that he loves it and I am entirely supportive of his desire to be there about half and hour before the game starts. It's all good.  So we were getting ready to leave and he had gone over to his apartment to change into his BRAND NEW AWESOME SHIRT that MATCHED MINE so we could be TWINS! when all of a sudden it started POURING rain.  Like 100% out of control, straight up monsoon. Crazy cray cray wind.  It was totes ridic.  The streets flooded in minutes (maybe flooding is an exaggeration, but fo rizzle, that did happen in some areas).  Half of the roof to Levi's apartment building flew off.  That's not actually a joke.  I know you don't believe me, but for real.  Okay, so only like the covering stuff came off; the actual wood part of the roof remained, but STILL. A bunch of the apartments started leaking (i.e. Levi's apartment). So that was good.

Then Levi came back over and we watched the rain continue to pour down and the time we had said we would leave came and went.  The rain continued to come down crazy hard and I began to worry about the words that I knew were just about to come out of Levi's mouth.

"I know you're going to hate me, but do you want to head over to the game?"

Being ever so supportive, I said that would be fine but I also threw in a little, "Hey, but don't you think with weather like this it might be delayed?  Don't you think we should check twitter for updates?"

He agreed and we waited a few minutes and then finally it was announced that the game would be delayed until the storm passed. Hallelujah.  We watched people running down the streets DRENCHED from head to toe and I really didn't want to be one of them.  I mean, I would have done it, but it probably would have been a slightly unpleasant experience.  Also, my tender and fragile health!  It had to be preserved!  No, but seriously.  I would have been happy to go, but it was much better that we got to stay indoors until the rain passed and the announcement came that the game was set to start soon.

We headed over and got there about 15 or 20 minutes before kick-off.  Now, I wouldn't know, but apparently if you get there before the game starts the band plays.  And they are actually quite talented and make interesting shapes and such.  It's wild.  The perks of being early, I guess.

Also, Levi's dad gets really good seats to the game. Right along the 50 yard line! It was fantastic.  But that wasn't even the best part!  The best part was that our seats were like 5 rows in front of Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Holland and Elder Perry (and my old American Heritage teacher who I was obsessed with, but that's beside the point).  Yes, that's right folks.  We were in FRONT of them.

Okay, so maybe they were in the special boxes that are expensive and protect you from the elements, but STILL.  And also maybe they get food catered to them including cheescake (Yes, it's true.  I stood right outside the box and stared at Elder Holland while he ate his cheesecake.  I've had classier moments). BUT STILL.  We were in front of them.  And that's what matters, right?

The only other thing that matters is that BYU won.  Against a high ranked team.  BYU is awesome.

The end.

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Mom said...

Love the post...but couldn't you have turned around and taken a picture in the other direction as well??? Not that we don't believe you or anything...just want to see that "view" as well:)!