Monday, September 2, 2013

conversations with levi, part 2.

So it's been forever and a day since I last blogged. My b.  But! What better way to get back into blogging than to have another episode of Conversations with Levi?

Let's start off with this picture, because it's funny.

This picture is from when Levi was helping move to my new apartment.  He found this jacket of mine, put it on and came up to me and said: "Excuse me, have you seen my sled dogs? You see, the day is hot and my igloo has melted."

Me: Levi, I feel like having Chinese for dinner.
Levi: Like Panda? Do you feel like having Panda? I'll buy you Panda! But if I'm going to buy you a panda, you're going to ride it to work.

(Talking to his computer screen while he's on Facebook)
Levi: Why won't any of my friends talk to me?

(While lying on the ground and stroking him shirt one day)
Levi: If I was rich, I'd wear a lot of fur.  It would be like petting a cat all day.

Levi: Stacy, how would you feel if I gained 50 pounds? Then I would have a nice belly and I could rest things on it.  Like my hands. Or a cup.  Man, life would be so good if I had a big belly.
Me: Stop. No. Stop it. Stop wanting that.

(One day while he was eating something)
Levi: Do you want me to show you how llamas eat?

(One day when we had come back from the farmer's market, he suddenly had a southern accent and was acting drunk and falling all over me)
Levi: If we lived in the south, this is how it would be when I cam home late from the pub: "Hey baby dolllllll. Hey honey buns. Yo man back. Yeaaaaaahh. He back."

One day Levi called me about one minute before I got off of work.  I thought he would just tell me something really quick so that I could close up the office, but the conversation went like this:
Levi: Hey, are you at work?
Me: Yeah.
Levi: Good. Because I have many important matters of business I need to discuss right now.
Me: Oh brother. I'm hanging up.

And then on a different day, he called me again:
Levi: Hey, are you at work?
Me: No, I just left.
Levi: Then I have nothing to say to you.

(One day Levi was getting a little whiny about how he has rugby practice soon and I wasn't giving him very much sympathy)
Levi: "Shu up! You try playin' rugbay!" 
(I don't know what kind of accent that is, but he definitely dropped the t in shut and it was hilarious.)

(One day when he was doing the dishes)
Levi: You know that song, 'Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone?' I think around here we could change that to 'Ain't No Dishes Done When He's Gone'.
Me: Rude.

And then my favorite was when he walked into the kitchen one day and said...
Levi: You know what? Beyonce just gets me.

Kid kills me. 


Mom said...

That picture pose just kills me. Had to send it to Jalyn!

Unknown said...

Can we only speak in song lyrics, slime.

danielle said...

I'm sad I don't get to take part in any of this anymore. But I could hear it exactly like he'd say it, so that's consolation.