Thursday, September 26, 2013

genius, yo.

This week I'm pretty sure I proved to the world that I am a genius.  Why am I a genius?  Because I do smart things. That's what makes you a genius.  You wouldn't understand...unless you are a genius, too.


First Example of Geniusness:

This week I had to work in the evening.  I NEVER, I repeat, NEVER have to work in the evening. Which is quite excellent.  But this one time I did.  Have to work in the evening, that is.  I went to this seminar for the College of Engineering and Technology.  Since I have already established the fact that I am a genius, I am sure that you are assuming it was a wonderful seminar about engineering stuff and big words and complicated information that only geniuses would understand.  Alas, such was not the case.  It was actually called Dress for Success.  When I first heard that title, I assumed it was something about how to act professional and tips for writing a resume and stuff.  But no.  It was actually really just about how to dress.  It was kiiiiiiiind of a amazing.  I learned many things, specifically things about men's fashion.  Which of course meant that it was time to buy Levi some new clothes.  Church clothes to be precise!  Oh how excited I was!

So the very next day we had to take my brother to JC Penney to return some pants, so we were like, what the heck. Let's check to see if they have anything good.  LITTLE DID I KNOW, we happened to get there an hour after the ultimate doorbuster sale started where everything was 60% off!  Man, am I good or what?  Because we all know only a genius would have known to come to JC Penney at that exact time to see a sale that was only going to last until 1 pm the next day.  Aaaaaand we found some awesome pants, a shirt, and a tie for a STILL OF A DILL.  Plus also, Levi looks most excellent in his new business attire if I do say so myself.

Oh, and Tom came with us, hence the awesome snapchat seen above.

Second Example of Geniusness:

The other day I was sitting at work when Katie came to visit me. You see, I eat lunch with Katie Cutler every day (except for on Fridays when I eat lunch with my little brother, but that's beside the point).  The point is that on that particular day I had gone to eat lunch with my old boss who is the greatest and who I miss so very much.  Anyway, because of that, Katie came by and visited me at work (also, she brought along her bathrobe/martial arts uniform because OH YEAH. She's taking a martial arts class. Please.  Let the images of Katie doing martial arts begin to flow within your mind.). So there she was talking to me, when she discovered my business cards.  Yes, friends.  That's right. I have a business card.  I mean, maaaaaybe the printing company made a small error, but it's nothing really.  It was an easy fix.  See?

And as my parting news to you, I would like to inform you of the fact that today I worked at the Career Fair checking people in for six hours today.  For the record, I checked in 833 people in six hours, and about 700 in the first four hours.  Can I just do a little math for you and inform you that I checked in about three people a minute (also side note, I did that math super quickly in the bathroom a little while ago so hopefully it's right), which might not sound that bad, but please remember that I had to do this shpeel pleasantly EVERY SINGLE TIME:

"Hi. What's you major? (make sure it's an engineering major, otherwise "You're going to want to check in at that table right over there) Awesome. Do you have your ID card?  Great.  Maps and name tags are right over here, and then you're going to need to check any bags or backpacks in in the room across the hall."  Also I had to repeatedly yell to the masses of people that "I can take any engineering majors over here!" and "Please be sure to have your ID cards out and ready!" over and over and over and OVER.  It was awesome.  No, but really.  I strangely enjoy stuff like that.  Call me cray cray.  The only bummer was the fact that I had to wear a skirt and I just don't like wearing skirts to work.  Also, I probs should have worn heels.  But I drew the line at heels because ain't nobody got time for that.  Also, in case you were curious, YES. I did work out this morning and YES. I did consume two full water bottles while doing so and so YES. I did need to go to the bathroom so very extremely one million much the whole day.  Thank you so much for asking.


Unknown said...


Tom said...

"So the very next day we had to take my brother to JC Penney to return some pants"

A few lines later, forgets all about me being the real reason for EVEN BEING THERE

"Oh, and Tom came with us"


Katie said...

Hey! This blog is hilarious and thanks again for attending "Liberty in North Korea" with me. I totes appreciate it :D

kblazian said...

Oh, the Career Fair:) What a crazy day!!! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog:) Glad things are going well at the Snell!!