Saturday, August 17, 2013

food and friends and more food.

This last week has been pretty swell.  It was full of old roommates and friends and food and it was fantastic.

Last Friday Rachel and Kenneth came into town for the weekend to be here for Kenneth's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary.  They were only here for the weekend, but we still got to hang out twice.  On Friday, we went with them to Sonic for shakes and also, here's the thing: Sonic has a fantastic Reese's shakes like woah.  Anyway, it was fun to catch up with them and to hear about the hilarious things that happen in South Carolina, which is where they live.  Also, while we were there, these high school-aged kids came up to us and they were apparently on a scavenger hunt.  One of the things they needed to do was have a stranger kiss one of the guys on the cheek.  Rachel got out with the excuse that she was married, but I couldn't do that. They guy kept begging and begging and I tried to have him get Levi or Kenneth to do it, since apparently he would get more points if he did that.  It was very strange and confusing, but we eventually convinced them that we were not going to kiss him.  From the sound of things, he eventually got someone else to kiss him.  Good for him.

On Saturday, Levi and I went and tried out this place called Slab Pizza.  Um, it's so super great.  I got chicken cordon bleu and chicken bacon ranch and they were both quite marvelous except they were huge so I could only eat half of it and Levi had to help me out.  It's nice to have him around sometimes.  Actually, it's nice all the time.

Then on Sunday was Katie's homecoming talk up in Centerville. This meant that I got to see Kelsey, and Kennedy, and Rachel (and Kenneth), and even Danielle (and Dillon). But most importantly, baby Kenny! Oh, and I guess also Katie.  It was so fun to hang out with them and to see Katie again because let's be honest, I love that girl and I am so super one million excited that she's back!

Then on Monday, I got to hang out with roommates again!!  Rachel wasn't there, but instead we had other Rachael as well as Keisha! This time we went to dinner at this place called Paradise Bakery.  It was good except that if you go there, don't get that one sandwich that I got that had this weird horseradish spread stuff on it.  It was weird.  Man, it's good to be with those girls.  We just sat there and talk and laughed very loudly for a good two hours.  Also there was this one part where I was surprised by something funny and then I laughed so hard that I may or may not have sprayed some of my food on Rachael. Oops.  Actually, that's embarrassing.  But like I said, the sandwich tasted a little weird anyway, so it was like nbd.  We tried to have someone take a picture of us, but that didn't work out so well so I ended up taking a picture of us as we exited the building.  This resulted in my head being very close to the camera and that's unfortunate, but at least everyone else looked cute.

On Tuesday, I made Chicken Crescents for dinner which is something my mom would make.  I really like them, but every time I make them I am always reminded of how many steps it takes to make them.  Okay, it's not actually that many, but still. I'm more of a mix it all in a bowl, throw it in the oven and BAM! dinner is served kind of girl.  Still, it was quite delicious.

On Wednesday, it was weddingapalooza, as Levi called it.  We went to two wedding receptions.  The first one was for my friend Kelsey who I worked with in sociology.  She's so super great and I am so mega happy for her.  Levi loved the location because it was indoors and also air-conditioned. What more could you want?

The second wedding reception was for Reegan Lake, sister of the one and only Keisha (Lake) Hendricks. And let me tell you something--those Lake ladies know how to put together a good reception, I'll tell you what.  Well done, Keech.  Also, I just like hanging out with the Lakes.  They're neat.  Also, right now I'm thinking about the mini pies that they served at the reception and I want one, dang it.  I would have posted the picture of me and Keech, but somehow I managed to have a super creepy claw hand on Keisha's shoulder and it is a little too frightening for public view, so sorry.

Then on Thursday, I made sesame chicken!  Remember my need for fried chicken all the time always?  Yeah, well that's still happening, but I'm trying to tone it down.  So I made this; it was delicious chicken, but not so fried and crispy.  It did the trick.  Except for the part where the chicken coating burned to the bottom of the pan, essentially blocking the heat and making it take 12 years for the chicken to cook.  So we (and by we, I mostly mean Levi) had to spend 7 of those years scraping the bottom of the pan so the dang chicken would cook. So that was fun.

And then to end this saga, I will tell you that yesterday, we went camping with Dillon and Danielle.  And by camping, I mean we just went to a nearby park up the canyon and had foil dinners and then came home and watched a movie. But the guys did a great job being manly by chopping wood and building a fire (using the teepee method--not the log cabin method--as they made sure to point out).  Danielle and I did a really great job of watching and providing moral support.  And moral support from me mostly includes me getting stressed about the possibility of Levi chopping his fingers instead of the wood and the possibility of him falling in the fire as he and Dillon ran around passing the rugby ball back and forth.  All in all, it was a fabulous evening; the food was totes delish, no one chopped their fingers off, and the rugby ball was the only thing to fall into the fire pit. I'd say it was a success.


Unknown said...

slab pizza is seriously the best thing ever. so happy you are obsessed too.

Reegan Lake said...

Am I more than honored that I got a paragraph shout out on this here blog? Yes. Yes I am. P.S. you want more pie? I have a plethora in my freezer. At my house. in Draper. you're welcome.