Saturday, August 10, 2013

Late sleeve

It has come to my attention that I have not blogged in a few weeks.  In fact, I was the one who brought that to my attention. How very kind of me.

Anyway, I don't really have a good post to post, but I do have some pictures. So how about that instead?

Levi likes to play the guitar.  Sometimes he likes to sing, too.  Sometimes he also likes to change the words.  For example, the other week he changed "That's What Makes You Beautiful" to "That's What Makes Me Beautiful" and sang about himself.  Also, today I could not find my housing contract to save my life. So he sang that song that has that line, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" except it was "I Still Haven't Found My Connnntract". So that was good.

Also, Levi had his birthday recently and these were his gifts.  I'm so glad that Danielle kept all her bags from Christmas and from her bridal shower and then conveniently left them in our apartment so that I could use them.  Also, talk about classy wrapping, am I right? Also, his gifts were all clothes.

These are my sense of wonder bushes.  Every day during sophomore year, we would walk down this street on the way to and from school. Those bushes were cool because they would change colors.  There was purple, red, green, yellow, and orange.  I thought they were the coolest bushes and I would always touch them as me and Rach walked past.  The only problem was that they were also prickly bushes.  And I would often get poked by them.  But apparently that was not enough to deter me from continuing to touch them every day.  I was clearly quite confused.

So on my way to work, I pass by all the young EFY children doing their scripture study.  These two pictures are from two different days and I'm fairly confident that it is the same girl.  Something tells me she was not getting the most out her study.  Also something tells me that she doesn't quite understand that lying down in the middle of the sidewalk is not generally socially accepted.

Speaking of walking to work...I work! And this is my new ID card!  And it's not a student ID, it's an employee ID!  It's pretty exciting.  I'm really liking my new job.  There is still a ton to be learned, but I think I'll get the hang of it eventually.  I miss my Chemistry folks, but I'm making the adjustment to hanging out with my new technology friends. Also, I think I'm going to like having my own desk that I don't have to share with anyone else!

Also, our friend Lizzy gave us a delicious bundt cake with fresh peaches on the bottom!  But according to this picture, Levi was pretty ticked about it.
We had a relief Society activity last Wednesday to Chick-fil-a!  Here's the thing though: lately I have been one million obsessed with any kind of fried or battered chicken like whoa. But seriously.  I'm not kidding when I say that every time we've gone out to dinner for like the past two months (which, by the way, is not that many times), all I ever want to get is some type of fried-ish chicken.  Talk about healthy choices, am I right?  Also, the Chick-fil-a in the Cougareat (the campus food court) opened this week!! Talk about one million amazing!!  Anyway, at this Relief Society I managed to eat 16--yes, 16!--Chick-fil-a nuggets like it was no big deal.  They were so super great.  Anyway, I should probably be a little ashamed of how much fried chicken I eat these days, but I'm actually totally not.

Katie and Kelsey are home from their missions!! I have returned missionary roommates!  What the?!  Katie is back from South Korea and Kelsey is back from Latvia!  We got to have lunch the other day and it was fantastic.  Man, I love those girls. I have so much fun with them (oh, and also I had Chick-fil-a). Unfortunately, Katie forgot to share her dried octopus with me.  I was so super bummed about that.  Psych.

Also, this girl was telling me about how she misses South Korea because all the people that lived there loved to stare at her blonde hair.  She misses being the center of attention.  That girl.
Also, my family will never believe this, but yesterday I made meatloaf for dinner.  I know, after all the horror stories about the time my brothers and I got terribly sick after eating meatloaf, you would never think that I would make it.  But these were mini BBQ cheddar meatloaves and they were quite delicious.  Also, we had baked?/roasted? broccoli and it was really good.  As the blog that I got the idea from said, "They're like french fries, except healthier!"  They were actually quite delicious.  I would def prefer them over plain steamed broccoli.

Also, apparently Levi was ticked about this food, too.

Anyway, that's the latest from me!  We're approaching the end of summer (yikes!) which means that school starts (except not for me!).  That means Levi will go back to school and he'll have to start training for rugby, but it also means that my little brother will be living out here for school!  It also means that Provo will be busy again!  I do love summer, but I kind of like it when everyone is back.  Alllllllso, school starting means that fall is approaching and fall is like THE literal best season.  I get so excited for fall weather, it's not even funny.  I can't wait to wear cardigans, you have NO idea.  Cardigan weather is my favorite whether, I'll tell you what.  Also, I can't wait to wear boots and to eat lots and lots of food with pumpkin in it! Guys, I can't wait.

Also, side note: I started this post on my phone (but def didn't finish it there) and I didn't know what to do for a title so I just wrote "Lately", but figured I would change it later.  But then it autocorrected to Late Sleeve and I thought it was funny, so it's staying.

Oh and one last side note: I have no idea why my pictures won't be centered, but just go with it, okay?


Janelle said...

I'm suuuuuper jealous that you ate all those chick-fil-a nuggets! I'm thinking we need another get together at chick-fil-a. Mostly because I just love watching you combine all the sauces into one disgusting sauce.
Also, I love that Levi takes his food so seriously and can we PLEASE do a double date someday? Is that weird to do a double date with married people who have a kid? ID even K.

Kelsey P said...

I LOVE YOUR SALTWATER SANDALS. And if/when we do this next chick fil a get together, you should wear them (the sandals).

Anonymous said...

Hey, since you love fried chicken so much you HAVE to come visit! Chick-fil-a started down here and there are 2 additional knock-offs (Bojangles and Zaxby's- sounds appetizing, right?)
Also, I am SO excited for fall also. Ken and I just keep saying, "we will love SC in the fall". So if we don't love it, I'm going to revolt.
And I am so glad that I was able to come up and see y'all (should of seen that southern lingo coming, shouldn't ya?) at Katie's homecoming (I almost said wedding. Am I predicting the nearby future?).
Ah, and the sense of wonder bushes. I always did wonder what was so wonderful about those. Nothing has changed.
Oh and what did you get Levi from Vicky's? hahaha
Longest comment eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

{allison} said...

late sleeve haha. i like everything about this post stacy. also, well done on cooking. also, at least you can eat friend chicken all the time and it doesn't affect you. also, i love that you said also after every picture you posted.

Matt & Mykel said...