Thursday, July 25, 2013

conversations with levi.

We're all about making dreams come true. Here Levi is about to be on the top level of a human pyramid. Please note that I am on the very bottom (left side) of this pyramid.

Conversations with Levi:

Levi: Does my hair smell burnt?
Me: Actually it kind of does.
Levi: It's because it got hot. I was standing on top of the Kimball Tower for a long time.

Me: What did you do this morning?
Levi: Well, first I was playing my guitar. Then I was checking my know, to see if I'm still rich.  Turns out I am.

Me: What are you going to do while I'm gone?
Levi: I'll probably go hang out with all my friends. You know, just to hang out.
Me: What friends?
Levi: Oh, you know. Monica...and Chandler...and Ross...and Joey....and Phoebe..........and Jennifer Aniston.  We'll probably hang out in like a fountain. Just, you know. Me and my friends.

(In the middle of a very serious conversation--all I'm saying is that I did not see this coming.)
Levi:  I think a good comparison can be found in the Animorph books.
Me: Wait, what? Are you being serious right now?
Levi: Yes, of course I am!
(he then proceeded to give me an in depth explanation of how the Animorph books related to the conversation we were having)

Me: Levi, do you want to dress up and do a reenactment for Pioneer Day?!
Levi: Well, seeing as I'm 50% Native American, that reenactment would consist of me chasing you across the plains, burning down your wagon, and then kidnapping you. Yes, sounds like a wonderful plan.

Never a dull moment, I swear...


Brooke said...

Hilarious. He's definitely a keeper haha!

Janelle said...

Haha... I love it. I seriously need to meet this kid.