Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Random Tandem Experience.

One time back when me and Rach were baby sophomores  in college (over three years ago!) we found a tandem bike. And by found I mean that one of our neighbors found it and so it was just sitting out on the balcony for months.  One day in the spring it was finally warm enough to be outside for more than two minutes without your eyebrows freezing and having to wear six parkas.  So logically, we took that opportunity to ride the tandem bike because I mean, nbd, it would be easy, right?


Well, I take that back.  Maybe more coordinated individuals would not have such a difficult time with the tandem bike, but apparently we stuh-ruggled.  To the MAX.  It was just ridiculous how incapable we were of getting that thing to go.

Tandem bikes seem so magical, don't they?  I daresay they might even seem quite whimsical.  You can just imagine a lovely spring day, with the smell of fresh flowers in the air and birds singing and two lovely friends riding their tandem bike through the park.  Such a precious image, am I right?

Please erase that image from your mind because that it not how the random tandem experience went.  The random tandem experience went more like this: imagine high-pitched screaming and occassional grunt-yells (that's a thing), stressed breathing, forced deep breaths, crashing into walls, riding off the sidewalk, and never going more than five feet at a time.

That image is pretty much exactly how the first 20 minutes of the random tandem experience went.  It was ridiculous.  We could not get a hang of it to save our lives. We tried to have Rach in the front, but we then had to have me be in the front because homegirl Rach was about to have a panic attack from the stress that came with having to get the tandem bike going.

Finally after much screaming, multiple crashes, and--more than anything--laughing from our roommates Katie and Kelsey, we finally got it.

In fact, we were quite delighted!  So very pleased with ourselves!  We had conquered the tandem bike!  And just to show that tandem bike who was boss, we proceeded to ride the tandem bike around the block over and over.  It was great.  I think we might have been able to smell the flowers and maybe we heard a bird or two singing.

We loved riding that tandem bike; we probably rode it around the block like 50 times.  But then again, that was probably because we couldn't figure out how to stop it.


P.S. Sometimes when I look at the picture above, I think that my right leg is my left leg and I'm like, woah. I am quite flexible!  But really I'm not.
P.P.S. Here is a video of clips from the Random Tandem Experience.  As crazy as it was, it's still one of my favorite memories with Rach.  Man, we were the weirdest.  But we had so much fun, and it was the best.

Also, when I was uploading this vid onto youtube, I think I did something so it's not quite as wide screen as it probs should be, so maybe we look a little stretched out?  ID even K how to fix it, so my bad. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

"I ran into a dumpster and a bush." haha so good! Man, 3 years ago? Really? That makes me want to cry.

Two nights ago I had an "oh my gosh I don't live in Utah anymore realization." And then I missed BYU. And then I went through all of the fun crazy times we had together. This experience was one of them. We are seriously ridiculous. And I remember how we just kept going around and around and around and around. Definitely did not know what to do to stop. haha

Oh and sorry I missed your call yesterday. I think that was when I was putting Kenny down for a nap. I will call you today, though.

Do you like my comment and the length of it? Longest comment EVER!

Anonymous said...

/ ddd mh,hukcn ccccccccccc

<Kenny wanted to leave a comment, too.