Monday, July 22, 2013

mixed up in my mind.

Since I don't currently have a job, I don't actually have to wake up at any particular time.  That was cool for a week or two, but then I was always feeling like a lazy bum, so after the first couple weeks I decided to set my alarm clock for 8:30.  That was a really nice idea, but it turns out I just press snooze like five times before I actually wake up. Or I just turn off my alarm completely.  As such, I also set the alarm on my phone for 8:45.  Buuuuuut I usually just turn that one off, too. Such impressive amounts of self-control, am I right?

Anyway, my alarm was going off and I didn't want to hear it anymore because it was Monday and Mondays are hard so I just decided to turn my alarm clock off after hitting snooze a couple times.  Plus, I could have sworn my snooze button was broken or something because I was sure that my alarm was going off every two minutes.  So it had to be turned off. Of course, I'm extremely talented and was able to hit snooze multiple times and turn it completely off without ever looking at the clock.

Then, somewhere in my mostly unconscious state of being, I heard my phone buzz telling me I had received a text. It turns out that text messages are interesting enough to wake me from my slumber?  Pathetic.  Anyway, I saw that it was a text from Levi and I also saw that the clock read 7:45 am.  That was weird. Was Levi texting me on his way to work? He's never done that before.  Intrigued, I opened the text and saw that all it said was, "Leaving."


It wasn't Monday.  It wasn't Monday at all. It was Sunday and it was 7:45, which is the time that both Levi and I are supposed to leave for our early morning church meeting (actually that's the time that the meeting was supposed to start, but it looks like Levi was running just a tad late).  Every Sunday we walk to the meeting together and Levi texts me "Leaving" when he is leaving his apartment so I can know that I should be walking out of my apartment in about 30 seconds.  Dang it. I couldn't believe that had happened. I had honestly and seriously thought that it was Monday up until I read the text from Levi.

I called Levi and the first thing I said was, "I just woke up. I thought it was Monday."  He thought that was fairly amusing. I thought it was fairly ridiculous. I mean, sometimes that happens to me, where I look at my alarm clock and just stare at the numbers until I figure out what exactly those numbers mean and whether or not I really need to get up.  I also sometimes think it's a different day than it really is, but I always figure it out within a few seconds.  But yesterday was no good. I seriously had it in my mind that it was Monday.  It was so super mega weird.

And so, that is the problem with not having a job.  You get in the habit of being able to wake up whenever you want and alarm clocks have little meaning in your life.  I have learned my lesson, as ridiculous as it was.  Also, when I got to church and explained to the bishop that I hadn't made the meeting because I thought it was Monday, his response was, "Ha, I've never heard that excuse before. That's a good one."

But it was real!  I'm serious!

On a slightly related note, I got a job! Woo!  Hopefully that means I'll get in the habit of actually listening to my alarm clock and getting up when it goes off. We'll see how that goes...

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Unknown said...

Mom has been having Thomas and I wake up at 8:30 every day this summer—instead of at 9:30, like previous summers—so that we can get the most or our day. Every day she's woken us up after she goes on her walks at 6:00 in the morning. These past two days, she decided to tell us that she won't be getting back home at 8:30 because she has to get her haircut (Monday) and that she has to go visiting teaching (today). So that meant that I got to sleep in until 10:00!!! I've actually found it to be a lot better than waking up at 8:30, because I actually feel refreshed. The only problem is that by the time my mind thinks it's the afternoon, it's almost dinner time.