Wednesday, July 10, 2013

taylor swift concert of my dreams!

Last year, just after I had fiiiiiinally finished all of my finals and just before I flew home for Christmas break,  Danielle, Allison, and I had a little mini Christmas sleepover of sorts.  This meant that when we woke up in the morning, there were presents! They were opening their gifts and then they told me that my gift was on the tree. I went over and saw two small pieces of paper the size of a ticket resting on the tree.  When I looked more closely, I saw that they were tickets to the TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT in June and I was beyond stoked. Like so super one million jazzed about the whole situation.  Like, no but seriously.  I LOVE Taylor Swift with everything that I have in my heart.  LOVE, you guys.  Sooooo, I was kind of blown away that they would get me two tickets for the concert.  The only problem was that I had to wait almost six months for the concert. Oy.

Buuuuuuuut, finally June 1 came around and it was time for one of the most magical experiences of my life to happen.  No, but seriously. MAGICAL.

The ever so lucky person who got to attend the concert with me was the one and only Levi.  To be honest, he was mostly just excited that we got to ride the train up to Salt Lake, but he was still a super good sport about the whole thing.  Like I said, we rode the frontrunner train up to Salt Lake.  We planned to get off at our stop and then go have something to eat before heading into the concert.

When we got to our stop, we got off and Levi was telling me something when all of a sudden he realized that he had left his wallet on the train.  He ran back to go get it and fortunately one of the worker ladies was standing in the doorway of the train and heard him say that and saw him run back to get his wallet.  She turned to me and asked which train car was he in and I told her that it was just the next one.  For some reason I was under the impression that she had the ability to make the train wait, and that calmed me and I didn't bother getting on the train so Levi and I could stay together.  Turns out that's not exactly how the train system works--she totally couldn't stop the train or make it wait.  I saw Levi running up to grab his wallet and then I saw the train doors close and then drive away.


The whole frontrunner system is fairly new and it isn't like the huge subway systems of New York or anything.  That means that the train only comes every half hour on weekdays, and only every hour and a half on weekends.  It was a Saturday.  How far away was the next stop?!  How long until a southbound train came to bring him back?!  What if the southbound train had just passed the next stop and wouldn't be coming again for another hour and half?!  We had a concert to go to and even though it was just little ol' Salt Lake, I didn't want to be walking around the city alone at night.  I was moderately panicked.

As I was starting to fall apart, Levi was talking to that kind frontrunner worker lady.  She was talking to him and helping him figure out what the train schedule looked like.  It turns out that we were kind of one million lucky and then next stop was just 8 minutes away.  From there, he could get off the train and wait just 15 minutes for the southbound train to come and bring him back to me.  Talk about lucky beyond lucky.  I was so super grateful.  While I waited for him, I went to see what the line situation looked like at the stadium and I also went to the place we were going to eat and picked up a menu and headed back toward the station so that we could pick out what we wanted to eat on the way back.

Fortunately, it all worked out and Levi came back safely and no one tried to jump me while I was alone for half an hour and we were able to have dinner and we made it to the concert just like 5 or so minutes before Taylor came on and performed.

YOU GUYS.  Look, I know I love Taylor Swift so obviously I was going to love the concert anyway, but no joke, she's SUCH a good performer and entertainer.  Seriously, not only was she a good singer, but the whole thing was so FUN.  I was j lovin' it.  Call me crazy for loving Taylor Swift so much, but nbd whatever I do.  And it was seriously one of the best days ever.  I now need to attend every Taylor Swift concert in the future.  I don't just want to. I NEED to.

Also, I know this is two posts in a row that I'm going to mention this, but man I'm lucky to have Levi around.  He's always willing to do stuff with me even if maybe it isn't his favorite thing in the world (like, for example, he's also taking me to go get my hurr cut tonight...the woes of dating someone who doesn't have a car, sheesh.).  He's such a good sport and although he may never tell anyone else this, he thought T Swift's performance was pretty awesome.   Plus, like I said, he got to ride the train and he strangely LOVES riding trains. It's funny.  So it was a win-win for everyone.

P.S. Check out this video to basically see a mini version of the concert.  Seriously, it was amazing.  You should go to her next concert. Unless there are only two tickets left and I'm trying to get them.  In that case, you should not go to the concert and let me go instead.  Sorry, that was mean.  I'll make you brownies or something if you let me have the tickets, okay?

Oh, and also another shameless plug for my past taylor swift music videos.  I'm sorry. This is uncalled for. But I'm doing it anyway.


Janelle said...

j lovin' it... I swear the way you talk has rubbed off on me way more than anyone else. I've been in several conversations recently where people are like "I hate when people unnecessarily shorten words" and 2 minutes later I'm like "totes adorbs! j s-in'! and all that jazz. And then I say "It's Stacy's fault!!!" and people are like, who's Stacy? You talk weird.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that movie for 22. Made my day! Seeing your parents in it was icing on the cake! Miss you girl.

Anonymous said...

Okay, a few things:
1. "That was not a waste of your time." hhahahaha I find that funny.
2. When I call you, does your phone register that I called? Because whenever I try, it just goes to the busy signal.
3. I LOVE all the videos you posted! . . . you are missing one of the t-swift videos we made, though. :)
4. I am super jealous that you got to go to that!
5. I cannot believed that happened with the trains! Crazy! I think if that happened to me, I would not have thought as rationally as you. I probably would have ran in circles for the 30 minutes. And by run I mean walk because who am I kidding? I can't run that long.
6. Two posts in a row mentioning Levi? Geeze his little side bar category thing is getting bigger every day! He better not EVER pass me. I kid.
7. I want to talk to you on the phone. Now.

k, bye!

Brooke said...

This is so awesome. I saw her in concert a few years ago, before I was a t-swift lover (I know I know), and I was so impressed! She's definitely an entertainer. Also, you guys are so so cute. Also also does he work in the Hinckley Building? Because that's where I work and I feel like I've totally seen him before. Not to be creepy buuuut... well yeah, being creepy haha.