Tuesday, April 2, 2013

fhe is for winners.

One time I wrote a poem for Valentine's Day all by myself.  It was written using conversation hearts and can be seen below.  It's called "Dewy Eye".  I don't really know what that means or why that would be written on a conversation heart, but I just went with it and produced what I'm sure will soon be an award-winning poem. In fact, I bet you'll cry when you read it because you will be so blown away by how much of a poetic genius I am.  And like I said, I wrote it all by myself. No help from anyone in my group, not even Bill.  Here it is:

Please note that it is even copyrighted so don't you DARE try to steal it.

Another time I was at my friends' house for FHE and I was able to squeeze myself through this weird hole in their kitchen wall that I'm pretty sure serves no purpose whatsoever. Seriously, I can't figure out what on earth it is for.  Anyway, I was able to get myself through that hole, which was pretty impressive.  I had a little help from Jessie, but not from anyone else, not even that lame Bill.  All Bill did was take this picture in which I have my eyes closed. Seriously, Bill. How could you not even get a picture with my eyes open?  Amateur.

Also, Bill told me that black and white photos are so much classier, so that's why this picture is like that.

Also, here's the thing. This post was mostly written to appease Bill's need to be featured on my blog. Seriously, the kid won't stop talking about it.  So here you go, Bill.  Now you and your needy self have nothing to complain about.

Buuuuuut, in all seriousness, I have a really awesome FHE group (of which Bill is a member).  They're super great and super fun and I love hanging out with them and also they give in to the requests Michaelanne and I make for cinnamon roll hugs and they put up with the insanity that is Danielle and me.  We do fun things like that one disco dancing game or that one time we played cracker whacker and I lost in .2 seconds. Or all those times when we drove to bishopric members' houses and I was really thirsty and hungry and had a headache.  That was really fun. Also there was the time we built a pyramid and all the girls were on the bottom and Bill was on the top. That was good. Also there was that time we went to the Alexanders and I had some Taylor Swift song stuck in my head and I'm pretty sure I sang the same two lines over and over for a solid half hour. Also there was the time we had the magic water and the time we did the Polar Bear Plunge (and by "we" I mean, "definitely not me although I was a good supporter of those that did").  So basically we do really awesome things and Gina and Lauri plan really great activities and it's just the best.

FHE is for winners, not a joke!

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