Wednesday, April 3, 2013

lookin' all hipster and such.

This is a picture of my dad and his friends during the summer between 8th and 9th grade.  If you know my dad at all, you know that he's the super tall guy in the middle.  And it's funny because to me he just looks like my dad except younger and with more hair and different glasses.  But his face looks just like the face I see on my dad.

By the way, important side comment that about my dad. When he entered middle school he was 5'4'', and when he left middle school he was 6'0''. Two years and he grew 8 inches!  What the cray cray?!

Also, I love the fact that he could basically pass as a hipster these days. I mean, kind of but not really, but also definitely.  Which confuses me because I'm pretty sure my dad wears the exact same clothes today as he did back then.  And while I think he's pretty hip, I don't think I'd go so far as to say he's hipster.  But the kid next to him wearing a beanie? Totes def a hipster, through and through.

And so that's pretty cool that what he was wearing is kind of a little bit back in style, but that also worries me. Because I don't ever ever ever ever ever ever want to be seen wearing the same things that I wore in 8th grade. Or ninth grade. Or even 10th grade.  So if those things come back in style, then dang it, because I don't want to wear that stuff.

I already like to look back at pictures from middle school and cringe a little bit thinking about how I thought a particular outfit was cute or how I thought it wasn't even a big deal to slick my hair back (oh wait, I did that until like two years ago...) or how somehow layering five different t-shirt and undershirts of varying colors was a good idea.  It's neat to see pictures of me when I thought that pink eye shadow did really good things for my complexion when we all know it was just a straight up bad idea.  Remember in like 5th and 6th grade when it was so hip to wear those huge skater looking shoes?  Or when those choker necklaces were only the coolest thing ever?  And then there's always that interesting time in every girl's life when they decide to grow out their bangs. Oh, the awkward extra-long bangs in your eyes.  Looks good on everyone, no doubt about it.

Isn't fashion the greatest?

Oh, I almost forgot about my most prized article of clothing from the 7th grade!  My bright yellow swishy track pants. Holy cow, I looked GOOD.

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