Thursday, March 14, 2013

i'm worth it.

So the other day I was hanging out with my friend Allison and her roommate.  Allison's roommate was telling us about how when she orders stuff online, she always fills out those little cards that you use when you're sending the item as a gift to someone else. You know, so you can say a short message like, "Congrats!" or "Happy Birthday!" or "We wish you the best in your marriage. Love, Betty and Jim."  You know, those cards.  Anyway, when Allison's roommate buys stuff online, she writes cards to herself that say stuff like, "You deserve it!" or "You are great!" or "You're worth it!"  I kind of love it.  So I'm stealing it.

Except that I've decided that I don't need a package to tell myself I'm worth it.  I've found that it can basically be used in pretty much any situation.  For example, when someone suggested that I should get a raise, I said, "I know. I'm worth it."  When Dr. Call gave me two full plates of cookies and brownies today and told me not to get too crazy and that he'd give me more when I ran out, I was like, "Don't worry. I will. I'm worth it." (I should write a post about that whole incident later).  When a professor told me, "I feel like I should be impressing you with how fast I was able to find that cardstock", I was like, "I know. I'm worth it." When another professor was like, "I don't want to keep scaring you, but I don't know if I'll be able to give you advance warning every time I come into the office" I said, "You can do it. I'm worth it."

It can also be used to justify what might otherwise be considered a socially unwise decision.  For example, when I ate two cookie and a brownie today...and then also two pieces of pie, all I had to do was say to myself, "You're worth it." and then I felt awesome.  When I bought myself a bagel even though I had already eaten breakfast, again all I had to do was say "You're worth it" and then any sense of guilt was erased from my conscience.  Staying in my workout clothes all evening? "I'm worth it."  Avoiding cleaning the kitchen for as long as humanly possible? "I'm worth it."  Sleeping in an extra 20 minutes and not having time to do my hair? "I'm so worth it."  Procrastinating homework so I can visit a friend? "I'm totes worth it."  Blogging instead of sleeping? "I'm worth it."

I mean, seriously guys. This is the most fabulous strategy.  How else do you think I would be able to justify the fact that I went to Jamba Juice FOUR times this week?


Chris said...

Good for you for deciding you are worth it - the JJuice (yum!) and the little gifts to yourself (friends, comfy clothes and letting the kitchen go)! We ALL need to remember that we're worth it!

{allison shaw} said...

you really want to jamba 4 times this week? so in reality every day.