Wednesday, March 13, 2013

google shmoogle.

I’ve always been a Google fan.  In the past few years, I have accepted the fact that soon enough Google will own my life and I’m totally okay with it.  I mean, really. I’m ready to accept that.  I’ve pretty much never had a complaint with anything Google-related (except for that thing in my gmail where when I want to scroll through my folders that stupid thing telling me who is online gets in the way. SRSLY drives me cray cray).  Anyway, like I said, I was embracing the fact that Google controls everything and is probably going to own the world soon enough.

BUT TODAY. Today I found out that Google made just about the biggest mistake of its life. I mean, we’re talking TRAGIC. DEVASTATING. Totes one million off its rocker, yo.  And do you want to know why?!  I’ll tell you why.

Google is discontinuing Google Reader.

WHHHYYYYYYY?!  ID even K.  All I know is that my life is over.  My life is so one million over because I don’t want to use any other thing to read all my blogs because I understand Google Reader and it’s simple and easy and I hate change and I don’t even know what I would change to, but I do know that I would hate whatever I have to change to.  In fact, I promise to hate it!  Because it’s just not fair!  If Google can own the rest of my life, why does it refuse to own the Google reader part of my life?  I just can’t take this right now.

So I guess I’m just going to have to really treasure these last 3.5 months we have together before we will be forced to terminate our relationship.

Not cool, Google. Not cool at all.

In other news, when I told Rachel the news, her response was, “The only way I can express myself accurately is yelling, ‘Poooooooop! Ooooooop! Poop.’ Also random side note: You know your life is lame when you find it fun to count how many times your kid poops in a day.”

Typical Rachel.  Obsessed with her. Oh, and she has a two-month old son, so don’t worry. She’s not keeping track of the bowel movements of a 12-year-old or anything.

But seriously, guys.  Any suggestions?  How will I go on without Google Reader?  How will I read the blogs of all of my friends and all of the people I stalk?  I need help, guys.  Otherwise, I’m just going to be spending all my time hanging out with Rachel and her baby.  Which might not actually be that bad...



Unknown said...

Totally feelin ya here. I'm currently in denial, happily pretending it's all a big pre-April Fool's joke. :) Loved reading your slice today!

Shannon Mashinchi said...

Love reading your slice..I agree..maybe it's a joke. Need to ask you a stalking kind of question (well, not really!) How do you have the little poll by your comments? Love love love that! :) Happy Pi Day!

Kelsey P said...

I knew you would write a post about this. And I knew I would comment because I also am super upset about this. I did decide, though, that to honor my wordpressness, I would make a quick (and maybe not so easy (just accidentally spelled easy 'easey')) transition to wordpress reader. So...we'll see how that goes. But I hear feedly is good too.

Jone said...

I have Google reader but I am solo bad at using it. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Ha, thanks for that pic! And yes, I would love if you hung out with us non-stop. The offer is still up in the air to move with us to SC.

And I love the blog make-over.

Lena said...

So Stacy one of my really smart coworkers was also bummed at the discontinuation of Google Reader and one of my other really smart coworkers suggested using so since all my coworker are very tech savvy I recommend checking it out.

Also, as a side note I have the same problem as you with my work gmail and chat getting in the way of my folders. So I Google Labs Right-side chat. That puts chat on the right side of the page and all my folders visible on the left. Hope that helps!

Love the redesigned blog btw.