Tuesday, March 12, 2013

scary story.

Today while I was at work, I had to go up to the second floor, so I headed to the stairwell and started walking up.  It's one of those loud and echo-y stairwells where every sound is loud and exaggerated.  I walked up the stairs thinking about who even knows what but I was straight up in my own world. As I got to the second floor landing, I grabbed the door handle while looking to my right up the next flight of stairs.  As I did so, the door suddenly flew open, which made the loudest and screechiest and echo-i-est sound and SERIOUSLY scared me out of my mind.  I looked toward the door and immediately did that thing where I covered my eyes and jumped backward.  I hit the wall and almost tripped up the stairs.  And I did all of this before I could even recognize that the person coming out of the door was Dr. G.

"You scared me so bad!! Why?!! Why does this happen to me?!"

And instead of an apology, all I got was about 7 years of laughter from that guy.  He is the best and the worst all at the same time, it just kills me.  Oh, but he was loving it.

He laughed and laughed and laughed at me.
I glared and glared and glared at him.

He told me he would apologize, but it was just too funny and plus he'd "sent me through the roof" so many times before that an apology just wasn't worth the time.

It was the most ridiculous thing.  He said he'd promise to announce his presence whenever he came within 20 feet of the office door so that I could have time to mentally prepare myself for his presence.  I swear, I need like a sensor or something that beeps whenever someone comes within 20 feet of me, NOT A JOKE.

Once we got back to my desk and we had explained to Sue what had happened and how Dr. G. needed to stop scaring me or I was going to have a heart attack, he finally headed out of the office.  At about that time, Dr. B walked in and Dr. G. told her she needed to announce her presence before entering so as to keep me from going crazy.  After I told her about how jumpy I am, she told me about how she totally is too, and how she literally screamed in a movie theater recently while on a date.  The best part is that it was a kid's movie.

Then she tried to console my saying that because I'm so jumpy, it probably means that my "neurons are easily excitable...so that means you're just really smart."

And that my friends, is why working in the Chem Dept is the best thing ever.  We scare each other and then we talk about neurons and stuff.  Seriously. Best. place. ever.

p.s. the above picture if from my freshman year when I walked out of the bathroom only to be pregnant smashed by Rach and Karie. So frightening.
p.p.s can we all please take a minute to remember another interaction I had with Dr. G?
Dr. G: "Hey Stace, do you want a donut?"
Me: "Um, duh! Yes!"
Dr. G: "I would offer you two, but we all know you'd be sugar high as a kite, so I'm not going to do that."
ha. love that guy.

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{allison shaw} said...

your face in that picture is priceless!