Sunday, February 17, 2013

a short love story.

So are you ready to hear a love story?

When I got to work on Friday morning, there was a pile of surveys on my desk and a note that told me that I need to go over to the Martin Building (which, by the way, is only ever called the MARB around here so I was like, I should write Martin Building so that my sea of readers who don't go to BYU will understand...but then I was like, now my ocean of BYU readers will be confused because seriously.  I don't think I've ever called it the Martin Building.  Also, I need to stop looking at the word Martin because it's stressing me out. I'm going to continue with my story now.)  So I needed to go over to the MARB (ew, now it looks like I want you to say  it really loudly but if I write Marb then I just get confused and think it's short for marble or maybe that it should be the name of a sandwich and who here is sick of my obsession with the MARB/Marb/Martin Building because I know I am).

 Anyway, I head over to the previously specified building to hand out this survey to the Chem 481 class which is made up of like 250 seniors (p.s. someone tell the principal that about half of the students didn't show up for class. Shame on them).  I go in there and I make a little announcement about the 4 question survey and then I hand it out to them and let them fill it out and then I collected them up and headed back to my safe office where I didn't have to stand up in the front of a huge lecture hall and talk to people and have them look at me and stuff. Ew.

So then I was entering the information into a spreadsheet super casual style when I came across this survey:

Now, spelling errors aside, I think it's pretty obvious that it was a good day to wear the leopard print cardigan. And I don't want to get cocky, but I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful love story.  Apparently, someone in the class was impressed not only by my amazing ability to stand awkwardly in front of a huge class and to rarely smile and not make eye contact with anyone if I could help it, but they were also impressed by my fashion sense. I see good things coming for me in the future as a direct result of this.

At first I thought this survey might belong to my friend Landon (my old roommate's husband) who was in the class, but then I found a different survey that answered question #4 with "This class is so gangsta". So that obviously ruled him out.  Anyway, I think we're going to do this Cinderella style and I'll probably leave my cardigan in their class this week and then maybe the author of this comment will go to all the houses in the kingdom until he finds the girl that the cardigan fits perfectly.  In that case, I'm super hoping he comes to my apartment complex first, because I have this weird feeling that it could fit a lot of other people.

Wish me luck with my potential Prince Charming! (Or maybe should it be my potential Tarzan?  I mean, he does love leopard print...)

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