Wednesday, February 27, 2013


In light of the fact that we recently had the Grammys or the Oscars or something like that (I can never remember), I figured it was a perfect time to share the following story:

During my freshman year of college, my ward (church congregation) did this thing where smaller groups each made a video and then we had the VMA's (Video Music Awards) where each video was presented. At this point, I feel it is appropriate to mention that the picture shown above is of me, Keech, and Rach at said VMA's.  And yes, that's right. Keisha is wearing the largest leopard print thing I've ever seen.  But more importantly, Rachel wore tie-dye overall shorts to the event and yes, I encouraged it.  So judge me. But mostly judge her.

Our group decided to do this thing where we basically just pretended like we were all fighting over the t.v. remote and so the t.v. that we were supposedly watching kept changing channels and on each channel was a different show or commercial that we made.  The video was supposed to be all those different shows or commercials.  I remember we did a clip about the Bachelorette, Power Rangers, 24, the "Single Ladies" dance and a bunch of other weird stuff.  But I had a favorite clip.  It was a commercial featuring the one and only Rachel "Manning the Harpoon" Alford.  In this clip, she advertises the highly sought after SHAMWOW.  That's right. A SHAMWOW.  Feast your eyes on this, foolzz:

Seriously, I kid you not when I say this goes down in my top five favorite things featuring Rachel ever caught on film...other items on the list include:
  1. Rach dancing with a wall
  2. Rach and I both grabbing a towel at the same time and knocking everything off of our desk and then her ending up in the closet...sounds suspicious...
  3. kicking cones in a parking lot
  4. pouring water on Rach in the shower
  5. Rach dancing with a hairbrush and a can of holiday popcorn to the song "Get Silly"
  6. our "You Belong with Me" music video
  7. her saying "Freshman Yeeeeeear" in a video
  8. Rach and Karie pregnant smashing me
  9. Rach and I both filming each other in our bedroom trying to "give the viewer multiple perspectives of the event"
  10. Rach lint rolling me
  11. our "Love Me Tender" music vid
  12. our Pimple Juice video
  13. Rach's jump roping/hula-hooping dress rehearsal routine
  14. Rach dancing to "Party in the U.S.A." in the hospital parking lot
  15. Rach and I in a documentary of REAL LIFE a.k.a the drive to Ogden, Utah and back
  16. Rach and I making banana chocolate chip muffins (which was actually filmed when we were kind of annoyed with each other and so there is zero laughing in it which actually just makes it funnier to me)
  17. Rach singing 'Sexy Can I' in the bathroom
  18. Rach's superior acting as a guardian angel in a movie where she was persuading me not to go on a date with a math nerd
  19. our educational and entirely factual Thanksgiving video
  20. Rach and I in the random tandem experience
  21. anything involving Rachel modeling which is like a million vids
  22. Rachel dancing to Stephen playing the violin
  23. Rach and I in "Thug Story"
  24. Rach doing interpretive dancing to a variety of Miley Cyrus songs. 
So it looks like my top five consists of more than five...just go with it.

But seriously, this one is for reals in my top five.  Favorite line? "Better than any towel or...pAper towel."  Ahhahaha, the way her voice goes up on the first syllable of 'paper' and the fact that she said "towel" and THEN said "paper towel".  I mean, seriously.  The only thing stronger than a towel would be a paper towel, didn't you know?  Also, my other favorite part is pretty much any time she says Shamwow.  Gosh, it kills me. Girl was a natural born actress, not a joke.

Just another reason why Rachel "Manning the Harpoon" Alford is one of the number one best things that has ever happened to me.  Totes not joking even a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Pahahahaha. (Why does every comment I leave always start like that?) So fuuny, though!!! I always love these posts that are all about my favorite person aka ME. ha.

Anyway, I don't remember 13, 16(must have been sophomore year because that was our "rocky" period), and 18.

And for the record, this won me the Best Actress award. Remember that? So weird.

Unknown said...

love the fly hanging out by rachel's head in the video. haha