Thursday, February 14, 2013

there's a p.s. in here about valentine's day but mostly this is just about a post-it note and a plastic spoon.

Nbd, just a heart on a post-it note given to me at work over a year ago as an apology for teasing me.  Also given to me by someone who was trying to get their copying privileges back after they had been revoked by me as a result of the previously mention teasing.  I didn't give to such a ridiculous attempt at an apology, but I did keep the post-it note.  Professors are just the funniest sometimes.

Oh, and that reminds me of a professor over at my other job in sociology.  One time I went to work and wanted to eat my yogurt but I had forgotten a spoon and I looked high and low for one but none were to be found.  So, I was like, hey wait.  I've had one too many codebook meetings with Dr. C and I know he has Costco-sized boxes of plastic utensils just sitting on his shelves so I was like, okay whatever. I'll go get one from him.  Also, Dr. C thinks I'm so silly but I do good work so he puts up with me (like for example, when I got super excited that both of us had been at the Beach Boys concert AT THE SAME TIME ("Well duh, those guys are from my era! Of course I was there!") or when I planned a taco party at his house without even asking him (but he gladly agreed).  I mean, the guy is kind of a gem.) You should also know that Dr. C is like the most adorable grandpa-aged man, but he is kind of Eeyore-y with his long sighs and his face rub when he's thinking long and hard about something.  So you can imagine his face when I walked in and was like, "Hey, so I don't actually have anything important I need to talk to you about. I just have a ridiculous request and it's not important but um, I'm trying to eat my yogurt and I forgot a spoon and well, can I have a spoon?"  I mean, homeboy just has a straight, bored-looking face the whole time and when I finish blabbing he goes, "That's all  you want? ...Okay, sure. Here you go." And he just handed me the spoon, shook his head slowly, and chuckled.

I am so weird.

In other news, if anyone is still looking for a Valentine's Day date for tonight...

What's that?  You don't like that choice?  Well then, let's look behind Door #2!

Not impressed?  You think there might still be a prettier fish in the sea for you?  Alright then, Door #3!

Sorry, that's the last choice.  You have to go with it.

P.S. Super glad this just turned into a post of embarrassing pictures of myself. I don't get me sometimes.

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You are so awesome Stacy!