Thursday, January 10, 2013

i don't know about you...

So, here's the thing.  I can honestly tell you that I have thought about blogging every single day over the past two weeks. Not a joke, people.  And why is it that I haven't actually blogged?  I have no idea.  But that doesn't matter!  Let's put it behind us!  Let us move on to bigger and better things!  We can do this!

And so now I present to you a post that should have been posted over a week ago because for most of you, it's probably old news, but to you I say, WHATE'ER. I do what I want.

Every year, my younger siblings and I make a music video.  We've been doing it for the last three years, so this was our Fourth Annual LeCheminant Family (Younger) Sibling Music Video.  And look, I just want to say that I think it's my favorite one yet.  The only sad thing is that this year we were missing Jalyn because she is in the Dominican Republic serving a mission for our church!  So we wish the best for her, but dang. She missed out on a totes one million high qual music vid, I'll tell you what.

This year Thomas edited it, which was good because my editing skills are like that of a five-year-old, not a joke.  So basically the editing was awesome.  The three of us came up with all the ideas for each scene, just like we do every year.  It was really, really fun.  I super love my siblings, and this is always a fun thing we do during Christmas break each year and I love this tradition.  It's fun to look back at our first video and see how little Jakey was and to see that Thomas was once the same height as me!  Also, it's fun to see my curly hair again...sigh. Also, who doesn't love a good cameo by the parents, am I right?

So, anyway, I present to you the Fourth Annual LeCheminant Family (Younger) Sibling Music Video.  Man, I just love it.

p.s.  Yes, it's true. Both pairs of pants in the opening scene belong to me.  Depressing that they fit into them, but mostly hilarious.

p.p.s.  Check out our past videos! (Although none of us are particularly proud of 2011's video...I don't know what happened, but we ran out of time and our ideas were lame, but there are some pretty good chase scenes...)


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Okay, I seriously don't think I've ever seen the 2011 one until right now. I have no memory of it at all. Weird.