Saturday, December 22, 2012

gum surgery--woe is me!

So remember how in my last post I was telling you guys about that gum surgery?  So, yeah.  I had gum surgery.  And let me tell you something.  Gum surgery is the pits, yo. THE PITS.  Okay, I might be exaggerating slightly, but STILL.  I was eating bananas and yogurt only for a good long while there and it was the worst.  I mean, I used to love yogurt and bananas, but I just don't know about our relationship anymore.  I am hungry alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time, not a joke.  Anyway, I've been sleeping and stuff but I think I'm turning into one of those hospital patients who end up in the hospital for months and they don't get enough exercise so their legs get really weak and they have to relearn how to walk and stuff. Because, see here's the thing: I'm not allowed to lift anything or bend over to do anything or have my head below my heart at any point.  So guys, I'm turning into a vegatable and it's not good.  I've been walking around and I think I've lost all feeling in my right leg and I probably have a yogurt baby (you know, like a food baby, but made of just yogurt!) and I really thought the end of the world was coming yesterday because I was at an all-time low!  

Okay, I'm being dramatic but the exciting news is that today I advanced to solid foods!  I ate pasta!  And a muffin!  And another muffin!  And another one! (so my food options are still limited to soft foods, BUT STILL).  This is big news, guys!  We're going places!  I'm recovering!  I won't have to have one of my legs sawed off after all!  HalleluJah, bay bay!

In other news, somehow I am never done with school and my professor asked me to write an entire research paper before Christmas, which I gladly agreed to do because I mean, come on people.  Is there anything more exciting I could be doing over my Christmas break?!  It is in this one instance that I am grateful that I am (semi) bedridden (or is it just lazy?) because I wrote 80% of it today.  And then I was like, "Do I have friends?"

That's all, guys.  Except for the fact that we made ONE MILLION cookies to give away and I couldn't even  have one of them because it was the day after my surgery and all I could do was drool as I looked at them and attempt to eat some of the cookie dough (that was moderately successful).  Anyway, on to bigger and better things, right?  Like Christmas in three days!  At which point I will be done with this research paper and I might be able to eat cookies!  Okay!

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Anonymous said...

So I'm going to be really personal and tell you over your blog that I hope you get feeling better soon! I meant to call you or at least text you . . . but I'm like the best best friend ever, so I decided to tell you this way. You are just so lucky.

Also, I hope that you have your yogurt baby the same day that I have my human baby.

Ha, but seriously get feeling better soon.