Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BB Berry Coffee Cake.

Soooo, about a month ago Lyss and I were talking about things.  And then we were talking about how I hated that she was moving.  And then I was telling her how she should just always be at my apartment.  And then I was telling her about how I missed her already and she hadn't even left.  And then I was telling her that maybe she could just sleep under my bed?  And then we were talking about food, because really, the transition from under-my-bed-dwelling to food only makes sense.

I don't even know how, but then we were talking about how we should make blueberry coffee cake because I mean, COME ON.  That sounds like the most beautiful thing.  I'm thinking about it right now and I'm like, WOW.  Anyway, it sounded divine.

So ever since then, every time I see her, one of us asks the other when we are going to make that blueberry coffee cake (seriously, it still sounds so good that I'm drooling on my money sheets right now (the drooling is a joke. the fact that the sheets on my bed are covered in dollar bill signs is not.)).  After talking about it for a month and mentioning it to each other each of the 53 times we've seen each other in the past month, we finally got it together and made it.

Sunday was the perfect day to make it because we had regional conference at 10 am, which meant we were both free in the morning to make it.  Still, we had to wake up before 8 am so we could make the coffee cake and get dressed and ready to leave by 9:20 to walk over to the Marriott Center and that was rough.  We whipped up the coffee cake while I had wet hurr and we had just enough sour cream between the two of us and we tried to listen to church music but my computer hates me? and the butter wasn't very soft and I almost forgot the baking soda and Alyssa is a very talented coffee cake swirler and I like how the recipe she wrote said "BB Berry Coffee Cake" which I think means that it calls for doubly blue berries.

We finally got it in the oven and with how many times we were like, "Uh, I hope I'm doing this right." and "Is this what I'm supposed to be doing?" and "Should it look like that?", I was impressed that it didn't look like a complete disaster (You see, our resident baker extraordinaire Danielle was still asleep dreaming about the perfect Sunday outfit--not a joke.)

And you know what?  When that BB Berry Coffee Cake came out of the oven, it was the most beautiful looking I had seen in a long time.  And by the way, it was ONE MILLION delicious.  Seriously, I can't stop thinking about how fantastic it was.  Like, so fantastic that I don't even have any pictures of it.

So, even though we had to eat it in plastic cups on the way to church (stay classy), it was a glorious experience because I supes love coffee cake.  Also, I love Alyssa.

Move in with us, dang it.

p.s. I wasn't kidding about the money sheets.

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Kelsey P said...

I have seriously been waiting for a post from you ever since I got here. Every day I hope for one. And today my dreams came true. But srsly, give me some of that BB Berry Coffee Cake. Or at least give me the recipe or whatever. JSin.