Sunday, September 23, 2012


So, I've blogged once in September so far.  That's really great and also really embarrassing.  So, without further ado, another update from my corner of the earth.
 1. The chemistry department is significantly more boring now that Jalyn is gone.  I mean, her replacement is pretty neat, but as strange as this might be, she doesn't know all the inside jokes that me and Jalyn have.  Case in point: it's a lot less funny when I say, "Can I borrow your stapler?" and Jalyn's replacement just says "Yes" instead of "NO. YOU. MAY. NOT! ...because the guys in the first scene already took it."  J.S'in.
2.  I went to a wedding reception right before school started and it was kind of the cutest thing ever. I loved it.  And what was even better was the fact that I knew both the bride and the groom!  Hayley is a fellow sociology major (and used to work with me) and Jonathan is from my home stake and has been my friend since I was like 14!  How cool is that?  Pretty cool.  But not as cool as the fact that the wedding reception also had DONUTS!  I mean, seriously. Talk about my dream wedding reception.
3.  I wish I had a "before" picture, but this is after my desk plant in the chem office got a serious haircut, courtesy of the ever-so-talented Rachael who is quite handy with a pair of scissors.  This guy really needed a haircut though. Its leaves were a couple of feet long (no joke) and getting all over our desk and Sue's desk.  Not cool.
4. At work, we always have themed parties for birthdays.  For Carolina's birthday, I deemed it to be the rainbow fun themed birthday party because we had funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting and also taffy (courtesy of Jack, who we super miss).  It was fabulous!  Also, bragging moment: I frosted that cake all by myself, thank you very much.  I wish I could say that wasn't actually an amazing accomplishment, but coming from the girl who struggles to peel overly ripe bananas (gag me, no pun intended) and work a microwave, it totes is.
5. My summer project--Life and Family Legacies Codebook (1966--1980--2010)..
6. The post-its that indicated all the errors Dr. C found in my summer project.
7. My COMPLETED summer project after previously mentioned errors were fixed.  I am ONE MILLION proud of myself (and Allie, who has totes been helping me for the last month and without whose help (is that even proper english?) I would still be stuck with a million post-it notes all up in that codebook).  Survey research is neat!
8. Danielle's down comforter ripped many moons ago and feathers have been regularly littering out apartment (especially on laundry day).  She recently found the time to stitch it up.  Master seamstress!
9.  Woo!  Danielle got her car washed and we got to watch!  Alyssa even shared with us that car washes scare her.  Talk about deep, dark secrets.  We must be really good friends.
10. Alyssa is just cute all the time.
11. Lyss's saucy hurr.
12. One day when I went to lunch with Rach, I was not in the mood for healthy things so I got a brownie and an ice cream cone (which, by the way, helped soothe my sore throat...I know, lame excuse).  But don't worry, I didn't waste my time with that celery in the background.
13. Birthday girl at her mexican fiesta bbq.
14. Birthday girl looking hot.
15. Birthday girl trying on her birthday present skirt and then going to put her pants on...backwards.
16. Birthday girl decided to get herself a birthday present.  Wait, no.  Birthday girl went to DI and was casually checking out this chair to see if she could reupholster it or something when suddenly a creepy DI salesmen got all up in her personal bubble and was telling her all about this "pladdish" (not plaidish) chair and how she should buy such a unique piece.  Danielle ended up buying it just so the guy would leave her alone.  This is probably going to be one of my favorite stories to tell for a long time to come.
17. Mom and Jalyn came into town for the weekend and we went to Cafe Rio.  It turns out that if you jab your straw into your cup of ice enough, it all collects up in the straw and then freezes together. Then you can pull the refrozen ice back out and it looks like a magical icicle!  I was pretty intrigued.
18. But then the icicle broke all over my leftovers so I had to clean it up.  My mother was not particularly impressed with my cleanup method.
19. Jalyn: "Mom, get in the picture. We need to look cute." Nailed it.
20. Hmm, turns out I'm still the 5-year-old who tries to stick things into the grocery cart without mom noticing. Surprisingly, the 20 pounds of shredded cheese didn't go unnoticed. Weird.

So, that's the latest and the greatest.  I've got to stop being so exciting.

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