Saturday, August 11, 2012


translation: update.

but before this update begins, I just thought I'd mention that lately when I type words, I've been adding extra letters for emphasis.  For example: "Where arrrree youuuuu?" or "Perrrrffff."  I feel like it makes it a little more dramatic, but I also think it makes me feel like I'm acting like a middle-schooler.  Which is cool, because I've always wanted to be back in middle school, except that's a lie.

anyway, update.  Or should I say, updaaayyyeeete.

1. Everyone in the department left for the faculty retreat, which meant the office was mine.  It was a party, FOR SURE.  Also, it was extremely quiet.
2.  Our fire extinguisher went missing, which is extremely comforting, especially because...
3. ...I'm pretty sure everything in Utah was on fire this summer.
4. Spankity Spanks announced her pregnancy a couple of weeks ago, so I no longer had to keep that secret.  Srsly though, homegirl over here stuh-ruggles with keeping secrets and I just want to say that I didn't tell ANYONE.  Personal victory, my friends.  Anyway, we took this maternity pic because I'm pretty sure that any day now she'll claim the need to be bedridden and limited to a diet of donuts.

5.  One night Alyssa and I were at someone's house and alone in their kitchen while everyone else was watching a movie.  Don't ask me why, but for some reason we decided to start sniffing all of their spices (stay classy).  Just for the record, many of those spices smell straight up nast-ay, but spanish saffron tops them all.  If you're looking for a way to torture me, just put spanish saffron up to my nose and make me sniff it.  One MILLION gross.
6.  So, pretty much every day at work in the sociology dept is hilarious.  This picture was taken on an especially hilarious day.  By the way, just to set things straight, I have two jobs.  Apparently that has been a bit of confusion for some people around here because I suppose I don't do a particularly good job of differentiating between the two.  So there you have it.  Chemistry and sociology.  That's me.
7.  One time Allison offered to buy pizza for dinner and Danielle and I, though we tried mightily, (read: not at all) couldn't resist the offer.  While we waited for our pizza, I laid on Danielle's lap (stay classy) and Danielle made mom faces.  It was probably my favorite thing.
8. In the sociology lab, there are two rows of computers that face each other in the middle of the room and then other computers that line the walls of the room (did your brain just explode due to confusion?). Sometimes I get banished to the outside computers because the work I do doesn't require that one program that can only be found on the middle computers.  It's rough.

9.  School picture day at work!  Alice is cute. "Hello, Alice." (said in your most nasally voice, of course)
10.  Buddy pics during school picture day! Kelsey: "Sometimes I just look at this pic, and it helps me get through another hour or two or work."  Love that girl.
11 and 12.  One time Danielle packed me lunch.  That girl is neat, but apparently thinks I can eat like she can.  Cray cray.

13. In sociology, sometimes I have to do phone interviews.  Sometimes the phone interviewees like to go on and on talking about I don't even know what.  That's when I get pretty dang good at drawing stars.
14. My sister works with me over in the chem dept as a graduate student secretary (I'm just a regular style department secretary).  Anyway, since Jalyn got her mission call, she's headed home until she goes into the missionary training center.  Because of that she had to train a new girl at work, so she decided to make a little training manual.  I probably should have seen that picture of me coming.  That girl kills me.
15.  One time, Danielle and I found an unidentifiable substance on our carpet.  While we in the process of determining its origin, we felt it would be a good idea to block it off so it wouldn't be stepped on or moved.  To do this, we found a variety of other things dirtying up our carpet (grass, sunflower seeds, feathers, the usual) and made a circle around it.  It was too bad the next day our landlord came over and promptly walked through it.  Oh well. 
16.  We got new carpet in the Benson Building!  Since I'm there so much, it was basically like getting new carpet in my house or something--it was so exciting!  But for a day (only one day!  Give those carpeters a raise!), we had no carpet in the building.  It was cray cray.

17.  Because we're sisters and often go shopping at the same time, Jalyn and I have been known to get the same shirt on ocassion.  Ever since Jalyn started working in the chem dept, I have worried about the day we would wear those shirts on the same day.  I mean, seriously!  Talk about a fashion crisis if there ever was one!  Surprisingly, we never did.  Until her third to last day of work. Nicely done.
18.  Brittany: "You guys!  Listen to this! On a scale from one to seven, this guy's relationship with his kid is a one.  Bummer."  She's funny.
19. The day after Jalyn and I were twins, Brittany walked into the sociology lab and was basically wearing the same outfit as me.  Twin day two days in a row?!  Get out of town!
20. One of my very favorite coworkers and sociology friend Janelle had her baby shower this week!  Neat!  She has funny pregnant lady stories and also lets me call her baby Rocky.  839 sparkle points for her.

And that, my friends, is a pretty good updaaayyyyyeeeetee on what has been going on around here.  You are welcome. Also, school starts in two weeks.  Whhhyyyyyyyy?  (see, that's me being dramatic.)


Kelsey P said...

This is probably my favorite post ever. Maybe that's because I'm in here two (2) times, but maybe it's also because I could understand what you were talking about when you described 2068 JFSB. Of course, I do have a significant advantage in that field. "Hello, Alice" will never die, and I wish I could remember what I was laughing about when you sneakily sneaked a pic of me. JSin.

britt(; said...

Just gotta second what Kelsey P said I FEEL SO FAMOUS BECAUSE I FINALLY MADE A DEBUT ON YOUR BLOG!!!!! best post ever/best day ever/not a BUMMMMMMMMER (I'm in middle school too. but it's necessary for the emphasis.)

britt(; said...

Also why does my name say britt with a winking face. I need to change that. HOW DO I CHANGE THAT.