Wednesday, July 18, 2012

not a game, not a game, not a game...

...we talkin' about practice!

So again, the title of this post isn't one million related to the actual content of this post except for the fact that we've probably listened to the audio from this video of Allen Iverson a solid dozen times or so at work since the beginning of this summer and this post is kind of about work, so I think it's allowed.

And speaking of work, let me tell you something.  I'm sure you are all aware of the fact that I enjoy a good sno cone every now and again.  Like you, my coworkers are also aware of this love of mine.  So last week, Ariel, who used to work in the survey lab asked me if I would go with her to get a sno cone at Hokulia (the long and horrifically embarrassing story of how I accidentally and unknowingly announced Ariel's pregnancy to EVERYONE who worked there will not be shared at this time).  So anyway, she wanted to go get a sno cone and I was totes down so the date was set and Kelsey P. and I met her at that very fine establishment on that very, very, one million hot day.

I pointed out some of the excellent flavors and even suggested appropriate sno cone sizes in an attempt to help them both through their first Hokulia experience.  My favorite part was when Kelsey P. and I were waiting for our sno cones.  Approximately 2 seconds after I was handed my sno cone and started walking toward the table, I spilled a huge chunk of my beautiful sno cone all up on the ground.  As my bff Allen would say, "I know I'm supposed to lead by example...", but man, I really messed up there.  Fortunately, neither Kelsey nor Ariel followed my example, and they were both able to successfully make it from the sno cone shack to the table without any harm or accident.

It was super neat to catch up with the ever-so-hilarious Ariel and to also meet her tiny little baby bump.  Srsly, girlfriend is going to be the cutest pregnant lady (just like Janelle and Ricky and Kelli and (maybe) Rachel and all my other pregnant lady friends).  Also, thank you to Kelsey P. for coming with me on this adventure because we all know I would have managed to get lost in those Helaman Halls freshman dorms (so confusing!).

Also, seriously.  It was a million degrees so I'm fairly confident I've never eaten a sno cone faster than I ate that one (mostly because it all became liquid after 2.7 minutes).

And now, pictures of delicious treats!!

 What?!  Is that sno cone missing a huge chunk?  That is SO weird...

K baby Page! (which is what I call her every time I see that she has texted me)

Ariel and child (sort of...)



Kelsey P said...

Since this post is about me, I felt a need to leave google reader and make a comment here. (1) Excuse me, second time at Hokulia. (2) Supes happy that you made an ENTIRE post about this. I know it was because I asked you about it yesterday. (3) K baby Page? (4) Kelsey P is my name forever. But srsly, notice how even my google id is Kelsey P. (5) We talkin bout practice. (6) Wunderbar love. (7) I probably should have just written my own blog post instead of a comment, because this is the longest comment anyone has ever read.

Anonymous said...

maybe? pfffttt

Mom said...

Actually...I DO want to hear about how you "accidentally and unknowingly announced Ariel's pregnancy"...who cares if it is embarrassing--when has that ever stopped you???

Also...CONGRATS to Rachel on her "baby bump"!!!!