Monday, July 16, 2012

things are always hip in santa rosa.

I do this every time I go on vacation. I go and then I come back, and then a few weeks later (sometimes over a month) I decide to blog about it.  And so, in true Stacy style, I am here to blog about the second half of my vacation to visit my family.

After we spent the week in LA with the whole family, the younger kids and the parents headed up to Northern California for a jolly good time.

1. On the way home, my dad got a little cray cray and decided to treat us to a classy dinner at Del Taco. Our friend Thomas over here ended up downing six tacos like it was nothin'.  He's a growing young boy, I guess.

2. The morning after we got back to our house, I opened the freezer to find this.  Seriously, my mom knows what's up.  Def snacked on those the whole rest of the weekend.

3.  While I was home, I got to hang out with one of my bff's Annie.  Since we spent all of our middle school and high school days together, we had pretty much done anything and everything that Santa Rosa had to offer.  So we decided to venture to Cotati, a small town just to the south of Rosa.  We went there in search of a bakery because I mean, that sounds so cute, right?  Go to a little town and eat a croissant or something at a little bakery.  There would be flowers blooming off to the side and the owner of the little cafe would greet you like you were old friends.  The only problem was that there are ZERO bakeries in Cotati.  I mean, seriously.  None.  What the heck?  I think that in order for a town to be established, you need to first figure out where you are going to build a bakery.  Srsly.

Anyway, we ended up going to this strange establishment that said they were a cafe, but if that was true, it was the strangest cafe ever and by the way, they probably should have considered updating the decor that I think they've had for forty years.  Idk, just a suggestion...those dusty fake flowers had seen better days, that's all I'm sayin'. Also, if I ever try to order something that has a lot of peppers in it, please don't let me do it.  Never good.

After that little dealio and after finding a pretty neat thrift store, we headed back to Rosa to see if my bakery needs could be fulfilled there instead.  And they were.  So that was good.

4. Imagine opening the door of your bedroom and Shel Silverstein is the first thing you see.  So frightening.  Thank you, little brothers.

5 and 6.  Shopping with this kid is never dull.  First, he decided to help the customers (and employees) out a little bit by putting the less desirable clothing on a higher rack.  Second, he did some artwork at Old Navy and then put it on display.  And by put it on display, I mean he stuck it in the hand of one of the mannequins.  Stay classy.

7 and 8.  Hangin' out with the birthday girl who I am happy to say OWNED when we played Racko.  (Also, let it be written and let it be said that it took way too many rounds for mom to ever win. Homegirl needs to work on her Racko skills, just sayin'.

9.  When hanging out at my other grandma's house, Jake attempted to pick me up from the couch.
Jalyn: Jake, be sure to lift from your knees.  You don't want to hurt your back.
Jake: Ooh, I hope this works my gluteus maximus!
That kid.  Kills me.

10.  Oh you know, just getting owned by my other grandma at Yahtzee.  That girl is GOOD.

11 and 12.  I was unaware of how many delinquents there were in my family.  Everyone was sharing about the times they went to the principal's office. Jacob won with like 5 times before he was even in second grade.  I lost with zero trips to the principal's office.  I clearly haven't lived.

13. Mom said I couldn't go into the restaurant wearing socks with my sandals.  That girl, I swear.  She just doesn't understand fashion.

14. Delicious mango chicken salad at the new Mexican restaurant in town.  So good!

15.  While at the Mexican restaurant, we were lucky enough to to sit next to these fine ladies who were out for lunch.
Thomas: Did you ladies see the knitting competition on T.V. last night?  It kept me up until 8:30!

16. I volunteered to take Jakey to the orthodontist at the unfortunate hour of 8 in the morning so that Mom and Jalyn could go walking with some of their lady friends.  It turns out that Mom and Jalyn didn't go walking; instead, they slept in while I rolled out of bed and drove Jake to his appointment. Girl can't catch a break.

All in all, it was a fun little trip home and it was way fun to hang out with my family and to see friends and to enjoy California and home cooked meals and also those girl scout cookies.

Can't wait to go back (at which point, I'm sure my youngest brother will be about a foot taller than me.  What the heck?)

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Mom said...

Hey, Girl Scout cookies are only on sale once a year--stock up, or die!