Saturday, July 28, 2012

jelly to the bean.

Exciting things are happening in the LeCheminant family these days.  Well, I guess it's really just one exciting thing, and it mostly has to do with my one and only little sister.  Aaaand, I guess she's actually not that little anymore.  In fact, homegirl will be turning 21 in just a few months.  Jalyn has decided to serve a mission for our church when she turns 21.  And Thursday was the day she received her mission call!  I counted and I think we had 849 (give or take 841) different people on the google video chat listening in when she read where she would be going.  It was wild.

She opened her call and will be headed to...

...the Dominican Republic!

Here we are looking at the map of her mission (the picture was 90% water...will she be doing scuba missionary work?? jk) and mostly Jalyn was just freaking out about how excited she is to be going out of the country and to be speaking spanish and to be sharing the gospel!

She is super one MILLION excited and can't wait to go!  I'm so happy and proud of her for making the choice to serve a mission.  I know she will be fantastic!

In other news, we were basically wearing the same color shirt when she opened her call so that's why these pictures are black and white.  Talk about a major fashion FAIL if you could have seen these pics in color. I mean, SRSLY.

And in other other news, you should read Danielle's blog.  She's funny.

And since I'm on a roll, in other other other news, do Jalyn and I look super related?  I mean, if you were to just look at us, would you say, 'Oh yeah, one million identical. Most definitely sisters, for SURE.'  I get very mixed reviews on that.  Some people say we look one million alike and others say they never would have known we were sisters if we didn't tell them.  That's a little confusing for me and makes me wonder if either half of my friends are blind or if half of them are just saying we look alike so they can get away from us faster.  I really don't know.  Talk about a difficult life I live.

But most importantly, congrats to Jalyn!  You'll be the number one missionary out there as long as the people don't fear your Shoshone ways!

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Mom said...

Same color shirts was about ALL I got from the video "freeze" (I mean chat...for those with super speedy internet)...good call on going black and white--SOOOO embarrassing!

Seriously though...great post--you both look cute. Jalyn is very lucky to have such a fabulous, talented, creative, loving and supportive sister. You're the BOMB!