Wednesday, April 18, 2012

tuesday letters on a wednesday.

i believe this is called "candid moments" by dillon manwaring. don't you think he captured lacey's lazy eyes, danielle's knee pop, the part in my hair, and martha's creepy hand on the shoulder just perfectly?

dear lacey, tonight is your last night here and we're super bummed. you're a pretty neat lady and an excellent replacement for katie (although no one can ever replace nugget, our protector).   we couldn't have had anyone better than you.  I guess this means we don't have to save anything for tuesday and maybe you don't look like a witch after all.   you had better hang out with us one MILLION times next year.

dear finals, you're basically done.  I just need to look over that take home final tomorrow and then submit you and be done with russian regression analysis forever!! (or at least until next year).

dear chemistry professors, it's absurd how much I enjoy hanging out with you guys. you're definitely one of the top five reasons I'm super glad I'm not graduating.

dear landlord, we cleaned the apartment for you today.  I hope that means you'll fix the fifty problems that have been around for months and I also hope when you say you're bringing us new furniture, it isn't just "new to us" furniture.  I mean, the 40-year-old "new" lamps you brought as last summer are cool, but...

dear school year, as cool as it is that you're over, I'm super sad you're taking away all of my graduating friends.  I don't know how I feel about that.

dear sunshine, you seem to keep getting stage fright.  stop hiding behind those rain clouds every day and just show yourself already!

dear st. george, let's hang out this weekend.  I hear the sun isn't afraid of you.

dear summer, let's do this.

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