Monday, April 16, 2012

i didn't even have to save them for tuesday.

So, as usual, I love my roommates.  They're pretty neat.  Yesterday, as we were all getting ready for church and since we were all there (thank you, Lace Face) and awake (thank you, Danielle), I suggested we take a roommate picture today, since I'm pretty sure no photograph exists that includes all four of us.

Anyway, after much confusion in which Danielle and I had miscommunicated (apparently that's not actually a word??? I had no idea.) as to what exactly a roommate picture was, and after preparing a seven course meal and after not being able to gather just the four of us for a picture for at least an hour, we finally succeed in photographing the current residents of this apartment.  Please enjoy the following pictures that were taken as we attempted to gather all of us in the same area:

And while yes, it would have been nice to have my family picture that is on the door and last month's utility payment in the background of our photos, we choose to go with a slightly different setup.

What's that? You think those last three pictures all look exactly the same?  Oh, that's because they basically are.  I just really like them all, just like I really like all my roommates.

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Anonymous said...

Hot dress. I bet a really cute girl bought that for you.