Friday, March 23, 2012


Oh, yes. Oh most definitely yes.

Guess what, guys?  It is TOTES scooter season.  Last night, Danielle and I took the scooters out for their first ride of the season and I could tell the scooters loved it almost as much as we did.  Seriously though, it is so good to be back out scootering the streets of Provo.  We rode one of our first scooter trails from last year which was all the way to where the Sumo Shack (sno cones!) used to be.

As we rode, we passed this guy who was out for his late night jog (why would you ever?) The embarrassing thing was that as we rode, we would stop at every corner to see if cars were coming or whatever and every time we did, he would catch up to us again.  And so it continued for like four or five blocks.  We'd pass him, we'd stop and wait for 5 seconds at the corner, he would catch up, he would pass us, and they cycle would repeat.  I bet he was getting pretty annoyed, but hey.  Scootering is very important to me and if he can't handle that, then maybe he should run slower.

Anyway, after that we rode up to the intramural fields to watch (or mostly just socialize during) the ward intramural soccer game.  It made me feel like it was summer again, just hanging out outside and most importantly, riding my scooter!

Guys seriously.  I love scootering. Plus, I only almost ate it like three times, so I think that's pretty good for the season's first ride. I can't wait for summer though, mostly because that's when the sno cone stands open and when that happens, you will find me there EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Hokalia, what is up.

Oh, and also. A special thank you to Danielle for wearing her flashing earrings to keep us safe on the dangerous streets of Provo.

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Totes Presh hunnies!!!