Tuesday, March 27, 2012

obligatory festival of colors post.

Last Saturday, the Festival of Colors was held down in Spanish Fork.  If you live in Provo or any of the surrounding areas, you know what that is, but mostly because your facebook feed gets filled with pictures of people who went and it gets a little ridiculous.

If you've never heard of this Festival of Colors, watch this video and you'll have a pretty good idea of what it is and why it is that everyone and their second cousin twice removed feel a need to attend.

Anyway, since I do live in Provo, I obvs had to go...again. (Although this year, I did not have to wear a brace wrapped in plastic wrap, so that was nice).  The weather was also way better than last year, so that was another bonus feature.

Danielle, Dillon, and Allison all wore painter's suits which was neat and also got them a lot of compliments. Danielle was getting way into it and asking everyone to throw their colors at her face, which resulted in her looking like an Avatar, my favorite.

So next year, get yourself over there if you haven't done so yet.  If not for the crazy amounts of colors, then do it so you can meet all the really interesting people that end up there.  Or go so you can see the llamas.  That's neat, too.

Also, I still have pink chalk in my ear. Struggle.

A couple of before pictures...

When people see someone with a completely white shirt, it doesn't take them long to attack...

Danielle grew a mustache!

Pretty soon, we were covered...especially Danielle.

Cool music.

We asked a girl to take pictures of us dancing.  She had the camera for at least a minute, I swear.
She took one picture...ha.

Llamas and a two-headed Danielle!

Danielle wanted more color on her and the color seemed to be showing up on me a little better, so we hugged super awkward style.

Totes a success.

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Mom said...

Very, uh....., colorful:). What a mess! Glad my generation somehow got lucky and missed this one (too busy disco dancing I guess).

So do you just throw your clothes away?