Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tuesday letters.

dear april 19, you are supposed to be my graduation day...a mere 37 days away.  Good thing I'm on the 5 year plan or I might be having an identity crisis--how has time gone by so fast??

dear naps, I'm pretty sure I've taken more of you in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years. What the heck?  I've found that this is not a particularly effective study tool.

dear winter, you didn't really happen this year, which is strange because I was actually prepared to enjoy you this time.  Oh well, I'm over it. Plus, this 60 degree weather we've been having this week is pretty rad.

dear pi night, you are tomorrow. Everyone should come to the pie night we're having downstairs! (there's even going to be a jumbleberry pie! If you don't know what that is, that's even more reason to come!)

dear tolkein reading that I must do for class, why the heck do you exist?  I never ever thought I'd see the day when I of all people would be reading some of Lord of the Rings.  I did not sign up for this.

dear april 19, I also just realized that you mark the day that summer begins. SOOOOO STOKED.

dear summer, I look forward to celebrating you by eating hundreds of sno cones and scootering every single day during your existence.

dear little brother, supes stoked for you to come visit!

idea for this post came from this girl.

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Mom said...

Well, not to burst your bubble about glorious weather [we too were enjoying it just a few days ago)...but that winter weather you were missing, well--it's coming your way.

Drenched Californian (aka Mom)