Tuesday, October 25, 2011

hilarious squared.

I’ll be the first to admit that I find my jokes about ten times funnier than anyone else does.  Seriously, though.  I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons people laugh at my jokes is because I’m already laughing so hard at them and they don’t know what to do with themselves other than to offer the occasional pity laugh.  It’s a little ridiculous, I know.

But I mean, come on.  Tell the following things are not hilarious.

1). For my Data Analysis class, we’re supposed to email our assignments to our professor or the TA.  Last week, when I emailed my professor my homework, the body of the email said, “Herein lies HW #4.”  I died at my holiday humor right there.

2).Then today, I sent another assignment to the TA.  The text of the email said, “HERE IS THE BEST MINI ASSIGNMENT YOU WILL EVER EVER EVER SEE IN THE HISTORY OF YOUR LIFE. WHY? BECAUSE I AM AWESOME.”  Clearly I was on one today, because that made me laugh so hard I was literally crying after a minute or two.  My two friends sitting next to were laughing as well…all the way to the mental hospital they reported me to.

3) At work, we’re all working on this on-going project where one person will start a portion of the project, but usually they don't finish it.  When they leave, they just put a sticky note at the part where the next person is to start up again.  Today, when I was ready to leave, I wrote a sticky note that said, “Start here NOW. Start here or Gabaige (Paige) will throw a rotten taco at your face.  No, but seriously. ROTTEN TACO.”  Then one of my co-workers asked me to write a “Start Here” sticky note for her.  I wrote on the sticky note, “Start here. If you don’t, Dr. Ic (Derek) will only eat garlic sandwiches for a week.”

See, now what I don’t understand is why you are not rolling on the floor laughing.

Seriously, though. Each and every one of the above-mentioned examples brought tears to my eyes with how funny I found them to be.  I’ll take this as a good sign though, because I think it means that when I’m a creepy old cat lady, I’ll still be amused by my life instead of hating the world and casting various spells on children which may or may not cause them to turn into food items and their mother to have to figure out how to decode which food item is which child depending on which food item went well with her child’s favorite food in real life and maybe she will even pretend to chop off her legs.  You never know with those creepy old cat ladies.

Cats trump food children any day of the week, so even though people regularly question my sanity, I think I’m going to be okay.


phil terribilini said...

stacy, u r 2 funny!

Anne said...

i've never laughed at any of your jokes because mine are always funnier

Mom said...

By any chance, is your "real" name Heckedy Peg?