Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Benny Boo.

Dear Benny boo,

You really were the best thing the CSC ever had.  I don't know a nicer, more patient person than you.  All day I've been thinking about all the fun times we had at the CSC.  Gosh, you were so nice to me.  Even though I was totally ridiculous, you still hung out with me.  I still remember when you first started working there, me and Aubs knew you and Jaylynn were the cream of the new kids crop.  And you totally were.  You always let me ride around on the cart while you pushed it like it was no big deal.  You let me tell you day after day al the foods I don't like.  You were the hardest worker and got things done so well and efficiently.  You never bragged about anything and you were so sweet.  You knew me so well and knew the things I hated doing and you would just do them for me (I hated that dang wrapper).  You would come with me on all my adventures throughout the building just because I wanted you to, not because there was actually a need for two people.  You were the best.

Once you were comfortable enough, you would tell me all your stories and you'd always listen to my life drama--and I mean actually listen.  Don't tell Aubrea, but you were my favorite.  My very favorite.  I could always count on you.  Thanks for giving me a ride every day in the summer.  Thanks for telling me funny things that Luanna and Gary did on the days I wasn't there.  There were so many jokes we had, it was awesome.  Gosh, you were seriously the nicest person.  When you weren't there, I didn't want to be there. For reals.

I miss you, Benny.  I miss you more than I miss Chicken Pablano soup...and that's saying something.

I'll be seeing you, I know I will.

Love, Stacy

P.S.  No need to save any swiss cheese for me.

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rachalford said...

I miss him, and I didn't even know him. Seriously. Nicest person ever.