Monday, April 4, 2011

"Look, Mom! TWO Hands!"

Hey, e'erbody.  This post is being typed with TWO fully-functional hands.  As in, TEN fingers are being used.  (Actually, the part about my hands being fully-functional is kind of a lie.  Basically, the doctor just said I can take my splint off to type.  Ask me to pick up a waffle arn (iron) with my left hand and I will say, 'No sirree.  Doctors orders.'  Plus, it still hurts big time to lift anything that weighs more than a pound...and that includes waffle arns.)

But anyway, I'm so happy, I could die!

But I think I'll pass on that last know, about dying.  I think I'd rather just type...with TWO HANDS.

Side note: This picture is about 2 months old...i.e., pre-accident.  Hence the use of the wrists.

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