Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For This I Wish. I Wish For This.

1. I wish my massive headache would go away.

2. I wish all of my papers and projects for the semester would be done, and done perfectly.

3. I wish I didn't have to be homeless for 10 days between moving out of my current apartment and before I can move into my next one.

But most of all, I wish I could be getting some of this.

Dang, I miss going to his games.  MLB season started last week and it made me think about how awesome it was to go to this kid's games.  For one, he's really good.  For another, I'm a way better at being an obnoxious parent than my parents are.  Plus, I'm better than a girlfriend.  I yell at the ump and let everyone know that Tim Tam Tom is my little brother, and shoot dang, he is quite a looker.  Teenage boys love that kind of thing, right?

Now don't look at me and tell me that I shouldn't do that because I'll embarrass him.  For the record, this is the little brother who tells me (on a regular basis, mind you) that the only difference between our old dog and me is the fact that I'm potty-trained.

The boy could use a little encouragement out in center field.

"Oh, baby!  Did y'all see that boy?  Mmm, mmm!  Those are some nice legs!"

We all know he misses having me in the stands.

p.s. Who wants to watch "Cubs 2009" with me?  Spoiler alert: This movie includes 14-yr-old boys spitting for about 10 minutes.  best.movie.ever.


Thomas said...

This year it will be giants 2011!!! Its going in theaters...

Brittany said...

Baha, this made me laugh. And to address your concerns: OF COURSE I remember you! And I think it's time for me to confess too: I stalk your blog too. It all started with a post I remember a while ago... on where you talked bout your how your friend wrote your blog URL on something on campus...? And I thought it was huh-larious... Hopefully that actually happened and I'm not going crazy.