Sunday, April 3, 2011

Festival of Colors!

Last weekend I went to the Festival of Colors for the first time and it was rather enjoyable (except for the part where katie said she would take us to ice cream after and then didn't...ha).  I guess some of you might not know what the Festival of Colors is, and I'll be honest--I don't really know what it's all about either.  I think it's a Hindu festival that welcomes in spring by throwing all different colors of chalk in the air; I've also heard that they used to throw flower petals in the air instead.  Either way, it's pretty cool.

There are tons of people there and everyone throws their chalk at the same time and it makes a gigantic cloud (see this video--it's a pretty good representation of what goes down Spanks and I made sure to cover our mouths when the chalk was thrown because that stuff is NASTY.  Also, the throw seems to go on forever, so it's kind of nice if you have your mouth somewhere were you can actually breathe. It was quite an experience with my arm in a brace, but Racha just covered it in plastic wrap and I was lookin' fiiiine.  I only slipped on my arm once.  That was actually pretty lame.  Also, typing is lame and so I think I'll just post pictures now.

Hare Krishna!

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Thomas said...

Stacy is finally showing her true colors...