Friday, April 1, 2011

I Like Blogs.

I really, really, really need to be doing homework.  But, what else is new?

I also really, really, really shouldn't be blogging because it takes me way too long.  It's taken me at least 20 minutes already...okay, i'm exaggerating.  But only a little.  And by a little, i actually mean a lot.

(side note: when i can only type with the one finger on my left hand, i tend to make spelling errors and I also tend to be incapable of holding down the "shift" button.  So please, forgive me of the non-capital-ness of my post.  I think it makes me look hip...I actually sort of wish i had known non-capital-ness was going to be hip before i spent months training myself to use the dang "shift" key.)

What I wanted to do today was just tell you what my favorite blogs are.  I don't really know why I want to do this, I just kind of do.  And no, nothing about it is april foolsy or anything, so these are legit blogs that I love.

1. see jane blog This has been my all-time favorite blog for about a year now.  Finding this blog is what really started me into the blog-following life. My roommates and I always bring up the latest jane post.  We love jane.  We love when jane blogs.  End of story.

2. Jasmine Star Photography For a while, (and by "a while, I mean "a year") i was obsessed with photography blogs.  OBSESSED.  I followed way too many.  I've cut back now, and one of the only ones I have left now is Jasmine's.  I don't just do it for her photography--which, by the way, is incredible.  I mostly just do it for the way she writes.  She's inspiring and hilarious and just awesome.

3. C. Jane, Enjoy It (Yes, this can easily be confused with "see jane", but that's okay. I just recently started following this one.  She's hilarious.  I love the weekly installment of "Best Blogging Week Ever".

4. rockstar diaries I found this one through a link that "see jane" (not C. Jane) posted.  Um, I love her.  Sometimes I wish I was hip enough to dress like her.

5. steoffrey language This is probably my current obsession right now.  I find these two hysterical and their small child is adorable.  Plus, their videos crack me up.  I need to get a hobby lobby.

6. The Many Adventures of Matt and Mykel Okay, you got me.  This is actually my brother and sister-in-law, but still.  I think they're awesome.  Right now they're living the SoCal life while my brother goes to dental school at UCLA, so that's cool enough for you to look at their blog.  Plus, they're related to me, so I'm not really sure why you're hesitating to click on that link.

7. The Alfords What?  Did I just do that?  I don't even know why.  I mean, it's not like she's my bffl or anything.  And I mean, it's not like i think she's amusing sometimes, and be honest--you see more of her on this blog than you do of anyone else.  So, in a sense, following her is like an extension of following me.  Sadly, she says she won't post again until after finals.  She's trying to be studious or something ridiculous like that.

Okay, kids.  Those are the blogs I'm loving right now.

P.S.  Look at this hilarious photograph during which Reegan (the one with glasses) puts on her hot tamale face and tries to get a date using her drunkard look.  I'M DYING RIGHT NOW.


rachalford said...

Woot woot! Shout out! Yesterday I logged on to see if my stats jumped, and did you see what Wordpress did? They put the bar waaaaaayy high up and then said "April Fools!"

Ally Neil said...

I absolutely love steoffrey language! good pick.