Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guest Post: "Best Roommate Ever."

(don't worry guys...for once, this is a roommate love fest about someone besides Rach...ha)

This post is by my very favorite little sister, Jalyn the Jelly Bean.  She's pretty neat because she goes to BYU, which automatically makes anyone I meet about 10 times cooler..and it also means we get to hang out a bunch--is it bad that we mostly just see each other at the library?  Anyway, she has written a most excellent post about her roommate, but somehow, she was still able to include a jab at my current handicap...atta girl.

Here she is...

The following is a legitimate conversation that I had last week.

Emily: How’s your sister’s arm doing?

Jalyn: It’s doing alright.  I saw her typing today.  It might have been the funniest and most pathetic thing that I have ever seen.

Emily: What about her blog?  I saw that your sister-in-law was a guest-blogger.  Are you going to guest-blog?

Jalyn: I was thinking about it.  But I don’t have anything interesting in my life right now.

Emily: …. (long stare) ….Um, hello?  Don’t you have this amazing roommate or something?

So… goes!

About a year ago, I was sitting at the computer for the fifth or sixth time that day, pulling up the housing page on the BYU website.  I anxiously looked at my future apartment’s page, hoping for the hundredth time that I would have a roommate this time.  I couldn’t keep myself off the computer.  All the other beds in the apartment were filled except for the second bed in my room.  It had been a while since signing up for housing had started – why didn’t I have a roommate yet?

Several reasons ran through my mind.  Stacy had changed my “About Me” survey to say that I liked rap music.  Maybe people would see that answer and avoid me…?  Maybe they looked me up on Facebook and immediately realize that they would be rooming with a monster or something.  Whatever the reason, the bed had still remained empty.

But not this time.  Suddenly the bed in my room had changed colors on the diagram on the webpage, signally that it had been taken.  I quickly scrolled down the page to find the name of my future roommate.  Emily Katherine Marsh.  I had a roommate!

Several months went by and I found myself in the Big Red Van with Mom and Dad driving through the streets of Provo.  We were arriving later than I had expected and I was beginning to feel apprehensive, but I did not falter in a hustle (that’s right Stacy, I used the Thesaurus!).  Mom and I walked into Maeser Hall where we would be signing in.  The Hall Advisor was just beginning his thousandth speech of that day for another girl and her mother.  I glanced at the girl and stopped.  I recognized her from the pictures on Facebook – it was my roommate!  Without thinking and totally interrupting the HA, I said “Are you Emily Katherine Marsh?” (Yes, I did say her middle name too)  She said yes and I immediately ran over to hug her.  Some readers may not believe this because I normally don’t give out hugs very often.  I found out later that she had recognized me when I walked into the building, but didn’t talk to me because she didn’t know how to say my name (her and the rest of the world).  Did I know at the time that I was the luckiest girl in the world to have Emily as my roommate?  No.  Did I know at the time that I had just met my new best friend?  No.  All I knew was that I was beginning my freshman year and that I had finally met my roommate in person.

Let me explain Emily for you:

1.       Her Facebook page really does say Emily Katherine Marsh, hence the reason I asked if she was Emily Katherine Marsh.  Saying “Emily Marsh” just sounds wrong.  Please insert her middle name when you are referring to her.

2.       She is 5’4” and has curly brown hair.  Her vision is perfect, so she doesn’t need glasses or contacts.  In case you forgot, her eyes are perfect.  Oh yeah, did I mention her eyes are perfect?

3.       She is the second oldest in a family of 4 girls and 1 boy (who is the youngest).  When she calls home to talk to her dad and says “It’s me, your favorite daughter!”, he asks why Kaylee (her younger sister) is calling from the next room over.

4.       She is a California Girl, so she’s undeniable.  Fine, fresh, she’s got all locked.  Sun-kissed skin so hot she’ll melt your popsicle (actually, that last part is a lie.  Let’s be honest, there are few people who are whiter than Jalyn and Emily Katherine Marsh)

5.       She is going to major in Nutrition and Dietetics.  And, even though her roommate (Jalyn) loves Nutrition, she still insists on studying with Austin.  He doesn’t know crap about Nutrition, other than fruit is good for you.  Not that I am offended or anything.  This means nothing.  Nothing at all to me.  This is not a pebble in my shoe at all.

6.       If you ever wondered what a beautiful butt looks like, please ask to meet Emily Katherine Marsh, and then proceed to ask her to turn around.

7.       She is obviously one of the more intelligent people in this world because she realizes the great joy and happiness that comes with combining chocolate and peanut butter.

8.       Her hobbies include Facebook, online clothes shopping, burning pork chops to impress her roommates with her culinary skills, keeping Jalyn in control, and asking people if they want to fight her.  I have yet to train her how to fight, but someday she will be able to actually sound threatening when she says “Do you want to fight?!”

9.        Her dream life includes living with or near Jalyn Michele LeCheminant so that she can get up and dance with her while getting ready for the day EVERY DAY.

10.   Jackson Emery watches over her while she sleeps, and she wakes up every day to the Jimmer Wall.

11.   She likes to go sailing on the same boat as me (Jalyn).  If you know what I mean.

12.   She is HOT and DANGEROUS.

13.   The last time she left Jalyn alone for the weekend, Jalyn got into several fights, one of which resulted in a 20 minute wrestling match.

Now that you know so much about Emily, let me explain to you why I love her:

1.       She is hilarious.  She knows how to make anyone laugh.  And, better yet, she thinks that I am hilarious.

2.       She always knows the perfect time to buy ice cream (specifically Peanut Butter Trails)

3.       She is the best listener.  EVER.  Even if I am going off about something that is unimportant.

4.       She doesn’t judge me, even when there are several things wrong with me.

5.       She knows how to let me talk about what I want to talk about, and not force information from me.

6.       She has no doubt that everything will turn out right.  She is the President Hinckley of our apartment.

7.       She believes in me.  Even if I don’t believe in myself.

Basically, all I have been trying to say is…..


Just kidding.

I have the best roommate ever.  I LOVE YOU EMILY!!!

[p.s. by stacy--not that I'm always trying to put a plug in for our family music videos (because I totally am), you should know that emily has a cameo in our latest and greatest... done, emily, well done.]


Mom said...

I was a witness to the moment Emily and Jalyn first met...and yes, it is true, the words that burst out of Jalyn's mouth were indeed: "Are you Emily Katherine Marsh??" Kind of awkward and strange...but then, well...I wasn't too surprised:)!

I don't think lightening strikes twice in the same place...therefore, I think it was more than "luck" that gave Stacy and then Jalyn the BEST freshmen bedroom-mates ever...and in the very same room in the very same apartment! Someone knew you each needed each other!

Mom said...

P.S. Pretty pix of both of you throughout...but especially the last one!