Thursday, April 7, 2011

Barney the Dinosaur.

Awesome things about today:

-People kept coming into where I work because they had to sign permission slips to go on a field trip to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point for a class about questioning scientific claims.  I used one or more of the following lines after they gave the permission slip back to me:

a. "Alright, it looks like you just signed your life savings away to me.  I appreciate that."

b. "Hmm, this is for your scientific claims class, eh?  I bet you're going to learn that dinosaurs never existed.  It's all just a BIG, FAT LIE!"

c. "Have fun hanging out with the dinosaurs!"

d. "Tell Barney I say 'Hi!'"

-I got many-a-compliment on my awesome new cardigan. (Slight problem though...I should have thought a little more before I walked out of the house wearing jeans, flats, and just the cardigan and an undershirt.  LAYERS, STACY. LOTS OF LAYERS. THIS IS UTAH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

-I, Stacy, straightened my hair today.  It's been three weeks, and boy and I'm happy to be back at it.  This dang wrist will no longer set me back in this area of my life. (Side note:  My wrist is ultra sore today from all the crazy wrist movements--however slight--that occurred while reaching over my head and across my face to get the job done.  But I don't care.)

-I saw Jamesy in the library today.  He said he'll follow my blog if I mention him in my post.  Actually, I take that back.  I bribed him to follow my blog by telling him that I'd mention him in this very post.

-I saw Ken and Rachael (not to be confused with Kenneth and Rachel) in the library today.  So obviously Ken and I had a photoshoot.

a. I'm wearing my backpack.

b. I'm not a macbook owner, so photobooth confuses me.  Hence the confused faces in at least 2/3 of the pics.

Go team, go.


Leslie said...

words of wisdom. You are a vision dear stacey. :)

James Juchau said...

Your blog is now being duly followed in my GoogleReader in accordance with our agreement.

rachalford said...

So how long did it take you to get one Gerber to spell your name correctly? Two years? . . . looks like you are going to have to work on the other Gerber now.