Friday, April 8, 2011

Bada Bing, Bada Booyah!

Hey, e'erbody!  I've got some big news about Rachel!

Homegirl is...


(had you for a second there...)

No, homegirl got an internship!

For the fall!

In Utah!

You go, girl!

She's going to be hanging out with people who have maturity levels quite similar to her own.  That's right, folks.  She'll be traveling all over Utah and Idaho telling high school kids about how awesome BYU is.  No, but really.  That's her job.  And, it includes some pretty awesome perks (i.e. free business professional clothes, $40 a DAY for food, etc.).  I'm kind of jealous, I'll be honest.

In other news, homegirl and I hung out in the library today...behind the bookshelves, where no one else would bother us.  Or should I say, where no one else could be bothered by us.

And behind those shelves is where we practiced our modeling poses, which is something we have always found hilarious...not exactly sure why.

But then again, how could you not find homegirl's face to be hilarious?


rachalford said...

The real question is how can anyone not find YOUR face hilarious! BAHAHA

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