Monday, February 28, 2011

Bad News Bears.

Bad news, guys.  We had a repeat of the donut incident this morning.  I wasn't quite so bad this time.  But seriously, I think birthdays should be banned from the office.  I get so embarrassingly excited about donuts.  I was telling Spanks this a couple weeks ago--I never ate donuts before I came out to school.  For some reason, I find them to be the most delicious thing.  I could wolf one or two of them down in less than a minute.

I'm a champ.

In other news, BYU basketball is ranked #3 in the nation after Saturday's AMAZING game and the library put new stickers on the computers to identify which number they are.

Life couldn't possibly be any more exciting.

Please be looking forward to a future blog post (that I would write right now if I didn't have a ton of reading to do before class) in which Spanks outshines everyone in a game of Time's Up, securing her place as MVP of the world.


rachalford said...

oh boy, so excited about the post! :)

Mom said...

Wow...BYU donuts must be a lot better than they were when I was there:)! never stopped me from eating them!

Or does your department use some "outside" source for donuting???